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Is this the end of traditional offices? 0

During 2020 we became more and more familiar with phrases such as “Stay at home” and “The new way of living” when the coronavirus pandemic bombarded us. 

Brick and mortar businesses were closed as the world went into lockdown, and only those online were still able to operate.  This change in how we were all told to work from home changed how many businesses operate for good.

More people have been drawn towards freelancing platforms than ever before.  It has also changed the way businesses that were once solely office-based are now working remotely.

So does this mean the end to the traditional offices? Research has shown that once offices reopen, there is to be a reduction in full-time staff.  Offices that were once busy with so many will be restructured and allow the flexibility to work from home.  It’s believed that more businesses than ever before will look into outsourcing.

In 2021 the number of virtual offices has hit an all-time high with people working from home.  During the pandemic, many office-based businesses had no choice but to reconfigure how they were operating to survive and have become equipped to allow the flexible way of living to be the norm.

Businesses have also grown used to virtual meetings using platforms such as zoom to reduce the number of face to face meetings.  Virtual meetings are more likely to become the norm of how businesses operate, giving staff the flexibility to work not just from home but from anywhere in the world. 

Consumers are also favouring virtual meetings with agencies as it saves time and money on commuting.  Virtual meetings also give the flexibility to hold meetings at short notice on updates on clients projects and resolve any queries that need addressing.

The Year For Freelancers 0

Ever since the coronavirus hit us, it has completely changed how we are operating with people working from home and businesses cutting costs by turning to freelance platforms.
Many people who once worked in a full-time office job have now turned towards freelancing platforms for additional income. The number of people now calling themselves freelancer is more significant than ever before across all sectors.
In the UK, two months into the first lockdown, the number of freelancers grew by 26%. It has been the biggest leap in freelancers due to the demand for full-time staff by many UK businesses.
Is this the new way of working now? Many businesses say that this will be the new way of working and hiring staff to work from home instead of the daily commute and office expenses. Workers have said they prefer working from home and enjoy the freedom of working from the comfort of their own home and the opportunity to earn more.
1 in seven freelancers across the UK is a mother and are now enjoying working from home and favouring the new way of working from home in this new way of living.
More and more businesses are now open to a new way of getting their work done, and not only does it save them money for the full-time staff, but they also say it cuts down on the need to explain and monitor staff performances and deadlines. With a freelance platform, it allows them to select from any number of workers available and brief them on the requirements and decide on whom they wish to hire at an affordable price.
Many people who used to see the freelance world as casual and insecure now recognise it as progressive and dynamic. In the world of technology we live in and the internet’s power, it has given us all a lot more opportunities than was ever possible, even ten years ago.

How to find out the right freelancers for your project 0

Accroding to the recent research freelance economy also known as the gig economy will the main driving force behind the UK’s economy. The main force behind this growing economy will be the independent workers who are known as freelancers. But in reality, finding a good freelancer is quite difficult. On this blog, I will discuss how you can find the right freelancer for your project. 

 Who are freelancers?

It’s hard to define who is freelancers as there is no accurate way to define the term freelancers. In general sense, the people who do not work for any company on a full-time basis is considered as the freelancer. The freelancers usually work with a client on specific projects where the payment is fixed before starting the work. There are different freelancing platforms who work as middle man between the freelancer and the client. There are some different sectors where freelance can be applicable like programing, graphics designing, digital marketing, content writing, virtual support and so on. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, the gig economy flourished in recent years and it’s still on the rise.    

Where to find freelancers? 

This is the bunning question that where we can find the best freelancers. There are different platforms like GGTaskers, People Per Hour, Upwork and so on but can every platform guaranty quality freelancers? The answer is no you can’t. If you have previously worked with freelancers then you would understand how difficult it is find the right freelancer for your project. I will explain a bit how GGTasker’s work as I am working with them for quite a while now as a freelancer writer. GGTaskers actually rethought how this freelancer industry works and they pinpointed the problems which occur while working with freelancers. Most of the people actually complained about the quality of the freelancers. The top freelancing platforms today don’t guaranty the quality of the freelancers and disputes arise most of the time as the freelancers cant meet the expectations of the clients. That’s why GGTaskers came up with an amazing idea of verified freelancers whose work quality is tested and approved by the GGTaskers. When a client posts a job or project, GGTaskers selects the top three freelancers which are capable of completing the project and the client will choose one freelancer from the top three selected ones. The freelancers will submit the project to GGTaskers and after confirming the quality of the work, the client receives the final work. The most amazing part is from signing up to receiving bids the whole process is actually free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny for quotes. This process is relatively new and GGTaskers is getting a good amount of response and the client base is going each day. But I not forcing you to work with GGTaskers just because I have worked with them. If you decide to work with freelancers and hire them from any platform other than GGTaskers then this section is for you. 

 Find out the right freelancers for your project 

As I mentioned before finding the right freelancer is quite a difficult task, to be honest as there are work and money involved and you just can not trust someone who you have not to meet in person. The freelancer industry actually runs on trust but there are few other factors which can help you to find out the right freelancers for your project which will decrease the uncertainties which arrives during working with a freelancer. 
1. Pay attention to available info:
When you visit an independent platform like Upwork or GGTaskers, pay attention to the available information, read job reviews and comments and evaluate their standards of work, certifications, and so on. It may take longer, but in the end, it’s worthwhile. This is the first thing you need to take into consideration while hiring anyone for an job weather is a one time job or you want to create a long term relationship with the freelancer.
2. Skills:
Most of the freelancer’s platforms have a skills section where the freelancers list down the skills they have. You have to keep in mind that our current industry is skill-based industry and if you have skills then the sky is the limit for you. Look carefully what skills the freelancers have and cross-match with the skills your project requires. Suppose if you have a project on WordPress then the freelancers must-have skill in WordPress development, strong programing skill on PHP. First, you need to determine what skill your project requires then you have to cross match it with the skills of the freelancer.
3. Rating and feedback:
Whenever a freelancer completes a project the client rate the freelancer out of five or ten and then leave constructive feedback on the experience of working with the freelancers. This section is like jackpot for you. You need to carefully go through all the feedbacks of the clients the freelancer got. By doing so you will have a pretty good idea of freelancer if the feedbacks are good then go for the freelancer if not look for another one.
4. Portfolio:
The portfolio is a section where a freelancer showcases the works he did in his career. If we are talking about a freelancer programmer then he will have the websites he worked on in his portfolio. If we are talking about a freelancer graphics designer then the designs freelancer worked on will be there on the portfolio and so on. Now you need to cross match your project with the freelancer’s portfolio. You need to look for similar projects the freelancer worked on. If you find one then you should definitely consider working with the freelancer.
5. Communication:
Last but not least is you need to start communicating with the freelancer. You can be a British and the freelancers can be an Indian. So the on general there will be some culture shock and which will result in a communication gap. But if you find a freelancer who has matched all the factors I have mentioned on the above, you should start communicating with the freelancer and make sure the freelancer understands what you want the individual to do. Final word? Just make sure you and the freelancer are on the same page.
I understand it’s not easy choosing the right freelancer for your project but trust you need to check all the points twice before choosing the right freelancer for your project.        


How to find out which social media platform is better for your business 0

Social media is always a trending topic is the internet world. Half of the internet population is using at least one social media account and the number is always on the rise. Social media is always being used for different purposes whether it is for business purpose or political social media is considered as the main focal point. When you are starting a business most of the individuals go into a tailspin on choosing which social media platform is best for the business. On this article, I will try to answer this question which will help you to figure out which social media platform is for your business. 

Why social media platform is important for your business

We all know that advertising is the act of exchanging interest to consumers. Social media is a marketing tool or platform that helps brands create awareness and social credibility. Social networks include not only communicating with your clients, but also encouraging them to communicate with you. In reality, due to their interest in the product or service, 73.4 per cent of users would follow a brand. This explains why social media platforms are so vital for your business. There are actually a few reasons why you should consider investing your time and effort is social media. 
1. Awareness: You can substantially increase the platforms to distribute and syndicate your content by having social media platforms. It ensures that you have the opportunity not only to share but also shared by users. Even though you may not go viral, but it will definitely increase brand awareness. 
2. Cost-effective: Social media is free. So you can basically create a free account on most of the platforms. And,  you could also pay to promote one or two posts. Or you might even be running an ad. But there’s is forcefully doing it and it is not a must. That’s why social media is relevant. This enables you to pay as much or as little as you like. 
3. Increase sales: Advertising on social media relies heavily on word of mouth marketing. Ultimately, because of the need for social currency, you are sharing your company, content and experience, and having people to talk about you. You become a reliable suggestion to your friends when someone tags or mentions your company in a tweet. Plus, this way you are likely to be placed before performance leads. Growing your leads and referrals and potentially increase your sales around the globe.
The three points I mentioned is actually enough to convey the importance of social media. Every company or business want to create awareness in a cost-effective way which will lead to increased sales.  

Social media checklists 

Before we jump into choosing the best social media platform for your business you need to complete the below checklists first. Based on your answers you need to select the platform. So let’s start: 
1. B2B vs B2C:
You’re either B2B or B2C? Because things are changing so rapidly that’s why if people want to buy things, we’re not yet to the point out go to social media sites. There are variations such as shopping for local goods on the markets on Twitter, but a general rule of thumb is that people on social media are at the bottom of the selling funnel. What this means to you is that for the stage of the wrong customer, you may be aiming your advertising or social media strategy. The probability of them going all the way down the tube instead of heading to the next topic in their list. If you are a B2B business then your main objective will be to create awareness while on B2C your main objective will be generating sales. 
2. Audience:
This is one of the most important checklists. You need to figure out who are the people who need your product or service. You need to set a profile for the audiences and set demographic interest to do that you need to ask the following questions: 
  1. Where does your target audience live?
  2. What the age of the audience?
  3. What is the average income of your audience?
  4. What do they like or dislike?
  5. Which platform do they spend their most time on?
    3. Set goal: Goal setting is really important when you what to be successful whether its social media or your life you need to set some specific goals for your social media efforts. For example, do you want to just raise awareness ? or you want to increase sales. Be specific and plan your social media marketing efforts surrounding the goals you have set for yourself.

Which social media platform is better for your business 

As of 2019, we know about around 65+ active social media platforms but not all of the platforms are worth talking about. On this section, we will discuss the top 7 social media platform which you can promote your business.
1. Facebook:
With more than two billion people, Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. As a consequence, if they have access to the Internet, you can meet just about anyone on Facebook. Which means that nearly everybody has a Facebook account in your customer base. Facebook gives you the opportunity to transform your customer base into a group with such a broad appeal. Through creating a simple Facebook page, you can post behind-the-scenes views at your company, new deals on your products, and more. Creation takes just a few minutes, and once you post any videos, you can start reaching out to the people who follow you. For in-depth understanding make sure you read how to use Facebook for marketing.  
2. Twitter:
Twitter provides its followers with a steady stream of Online information and new content. Each month, it has millions of active people, and almost every company in the world has an account to track their clients. It might not have the same mass audience as Facebook but it is still one of the planet’s most popular networks. Twitter, however, renownedly restricts its consumers to 280 characters or fewer tweets. That means you need to be descriptive, fascinating, and insightful in one tweet, and that’s not easy. But people can love or retweet what you’ve written so you can appeal to a wider audience when you do it correctly. Essentially, it doesn’t get much better than Twitter if you want to broaden brand awareness.
3. Instagram:
With a majority of users under 25, Instagram is one of the young social networks out there. It makes it the perfect social network for youthful, trendy audiences advertising brands or companies. On Instagram, photographs and short videos with a small amount of text perform incredibly well and sync with your Facebook and Twitter profiles so that you can use the same images across multiple platforms. Instagram appears to have greater popularity in urban areas, meaning firms focused on clothing and new innovation would typically do well than firms concentrating on agriculture and homebuilding. While that’s not to say that if you’re not a young, trendy company you still can’t find success just that you’ll have to be a little more creative with the pictures you’re taking.
4. Linkedin: 
In regard to professionalism, LinkedIn can not beat any social network. It is a vibrant staff and business owners network that communicates and interacts on a professional level, making it much more organized than other social media platforms. As a result, consumers tend to respond to B2B content better than B2C content.Generally, this means companies doing business as clients will have more impact than firms selling directly to consumers. Decision-makers and influencers are all over LinkedIn and you can get another sale if you can get your brand and message to them.
5. Youtube:
Youtube is something of a challenge when we are talking about advertising because so many users use it. On YouTube, both comedy and music do well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your business. It’s the inverse, in fact. Reviews of goods, instructional videos, and related material perform incredibly well on YouTube, particularly if you want to educate your target market. Plus, once you’re making a video, the search results will begin to appear in Google and YouTube, and you can also promote it on other social accounts. You simply can not beat YouTube when you want the customers to learn something new. The best part is you can also earn money from youtube.
6. Pinterest:
Pinterest is a platform where visual art is posted so that others can see it. This can include anything from a jacket to an illustration that almost any company can find in this social network at least a portion of its niche. It is a great place to promote new visual content, particularly if you manage boards on a regular basis. Use a visual development guide to collect any figures or other useful, evergreen material that will keep getting pins and raise awareness of your product. This is particularly helpful if your company produces an item or provides a service specifically for women 85% of Pinterest’s user base is biologically female.
7. Snapchat:
Snapchat is popular with younger users, so if the business concentrates on people under the age of 30, they can thrive here. Established in 2011, it has about 180 million registered users who send their friends and fans snaps and quick photo or video messages. The secret is that these clips last only once. It is gone for good after you watch. But you can also add a story that lasts longer. Snap chat is not for web users, Snapchat is fully focused on their mobile app. Yet movies, cars, lifestyles and other companies reaching millions of users on snap chat. A good example of a Snapchat business account is Red Bull, which packs its energy drinks with photos and videos from these and other activities throughout the world.
Its time for you to decide which social media platform is best for your business. It depends entirely on the people whom you want to reach. But its always a good idea to have at least three to four social media channels to increase the credibility of the users.

How to make money from blog in 2019 0

It is a million-dollar question and most of the people ask is it really possible to make money by blogging? How to make money from blog ? Trust me, many people asked me the same question and I said yes it’s possible to make money but it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to work really hard and have the patience to make money by blogging. In this article, I will try to answer this million-dollar question which is how you can make money by blogging. 

Choose a niche

Did you manage to find out the niche subject area you will be blogging about? Recent statistics on blogging indicate that this is the first thing which has to be determined first. Ultimately, your blogging niche isn’t just the subject or cluster of related topics that you’re going to create blog contents around, it goes so much deeper than that and getting that cohesive topic is crucial to eventually create cash flow from blogging because it provides your visitors with a cause to come back for more frequently to your blog site. In addition, your niche describes the sort of individual you are most obviously talking to about your material. It is a zoomed-in perspective of your knowledge and know-how. Ultimately, your niche will assist you to find and increase your audience, sell your material in the correct manner, and effectively monetize your blog.
You will start to create a very particular (and involved) community when you completely comprehend your niche and placement within that niche, which leaves it extremely simpler to get sponsorships, associates, advertisers and implement all the other main methods to blogging cash.

Content is the king 

You may have a great looking website with some eye-popping features and its really user-friendly. All these great attributes will go out of the window if your content is poor. Always remember that content is the king. You visitor doest come to your website for aesthetics of your website but for the useful information you post on your website. That’s why markets say content is the king and at the heart of your blog site there is nothing but contents and it can be text or image maybe both.  
It’s no surprise that you will have lots of competitors even if you have a pretty niche topic. Most of the bloggers lose their track while planning what to write about. This is the issues most of the bloggers face after having some traffic on the blog site. The reality is that it is not enough to have excellent thoughts and strong phrases. Many individuals are keen on reading more about the greatest blog ever written on a blog’s subjects. And that takes us to the three stages of development of material:
  1. You understand what material is common in your niche and you compose about those subjects solely
  2. You have to develop frameworks that will make you famous with your contents.
  3. Your material gives the viewer more benefit than any other posts posted on this subject.
You need to overpower your competitors and provide more value then they are offering right now. That’s that the only way to stay alive in this game. 

 Pay attention to SEO

Writing about topics you care deeply about is really, really simple. And it’s essential that your blog becomes a hub to communicate stuff that which relates with your viewers. But even more essential is to nail your blog SEO. Search Engine Optimization can make tailspin even the most skilled professional marketers, but SEO is essential if you want to generate money by your blog posts. 
Why? Because significant search engine platforms such as Google can give you a virtually infinite quantity of free, natural traffic if you can place your blog higher on Google’s search engine rankings. I have a separate blog topic which explains how you can SEO optimise your blog posts. So make sure you check that blog while we focus on generating money from the blog. 

 How to make money from blog 

One thing I have mentioned before and I would like to make it clear again that earning money from a blog is pretty difficult but not impossible. We live in a world where the impossible is becoming a reality these days. Now I will talk about how you can make your dream of earning money from blogging into reality. So let’s start: 
1. Get sponsored:
Sponsored advertising is sought and tested enterprise for all types of products, and in the correct situations, it performs like a miracle. This technique is not only demonstrated to operate for advertisers but also to assist you simultaneously to create cash from blogging. It’s when the business offers you a premium in exchange for composing a post about them or a subject linked to them, where their item, service or brand is prominently displayed as a go-to resource for those of your visitors who want to learn more about the featured products or services. This type of advertisement is beneficial for both parties.
2. Affiliate Marketing:
Now let’s speak about programs for affiliates. Entering most affiliate programs may be simpler than seeking blog endorsement deals if you ask me. Businesses that have already built-in affiliate programs are prepared and willing to pay you to cash in exchange for channelling your blog viewers to them,  meaning you don’t have to sell customers or spend time in developing your own item before you start making money blogging. But the catch is you must have a good amount of visitors every month to generate money from affiliate marketing.
3. Sell ads space:
When it comes to selling advertisement space and working with advertising networks pitching your blog site is not your only choice. If you wind up with sufficient traffic, advertisers may arrive at you immediately and invite you to position their ads on your page. You can also get in touch with advertisers. The greatest distinction from the above two is that there is no centre guy, so you can put your own ad prices.
4. Promote products or services:
This point is from a business perspective. If you are a company or have a small business with products or services you can offer those products or services via a blog. I know when you are running a business and you need to invest a lot of time on business and you might have a little time focusing on staff like blogging but trust me its worth it. When you are blogging about your industry niche it gives your business credibility and opens a gateway to promote your products and services and eventually generate more sales. But to do that you have to make sure that you promote the blogs to the audience who are interested in your products and services.
5. Freelancing:
Freelancing is another great way to make money by blogging. The demand for freelance content writers or bloggers are on the rise and you can earn a lot of money by doing it. First, you have to create a reputation that you are an experienced freelance blog writer and to able to do that you need to create a blog site of your own and make it engaging. The freelance economy is rising and blogging skills is one of the most demanded skills in the freelancing world and the chance of earning money by blogging pretty feasible when it comes to freelancing.
Earning money is not easy whether you want to do it by blogging or selling cupcakes. The key is to have patience and not giving up. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any queries please feel free to comment below.

How to start a blog for free in 2019 0

In recent years we have heard a lot about blogging and especially in 2019 the blogging trend just exploded. There are tons of bloggers out there but the number of good bloggers is very few. Most of the people mess things up while starting a blog. If you do not know how to start a blog this article will help you to start a blog for free in 2019.  

What is blog

Briefly, a blog is a sort of website that relies primarily on text content, also recognized as blog postings. We know most about blogs of media and celebrities, but you can begin a good blog with almost every subject imaginable. Bloggers often publish from a private point of view, which enables their viewers to communicate immediately. Moreover, the majority of websites have a section called comments where you can match the writer’s content and start a discussion. In the observations segment, it enables to further connect with the author through interaction with your viewer. One of the primary advantages of beginning a blog is this immediate link to the viewer. This link enables you to communicate with other like-minded individuals and communicate thoughts. You can also create credibility with your visitors. With your user’s faith and engagement, it will also open the gate to make your website profitable. We will discuss more how you can make money using a blog site. 

Why you need to start a blog 

One of the misunderstandings about beginning a blog site is that you must be an excellent author to succeed. People visit blog websites in order to have a private look at stuff, so most bloggers compose very informally and in a conversational way. In order to have a successful blog, you also don’t need to be a specialist on your subject. For example, readers of a cooking blog don’t want to learn the food scientist’s handbook. They want to know the stories of someone who baked genuine food and how they started. Apart from this, there are a few more reasons why you should consider starting a blog. 
1. Earn money:
When executed properly, blogging can be pretty profitable. The world’s leading bloggers clearly gain a lot, but even a part-time blogger can assume a good deal if stuff goes right. The best thing is that blogging is a kind of passive income because a blog articles take a few hours a week to complete and then you can create cash soon after it has been published on the website.
2. Build a community: 
Blogging is interactive in its core. A blog article is written and individuals start talking about it. This is a wonderful place to communicate with individuals who want to do as you are. Blogging provides you with the chance, depending on your knowledge, to educate these individuals and to hear from their point of view which help to create a great community.
3. Get recognized: 
No, because of your latest blog post, you probably won’t have people chasing you around. But in your sector, a good blog can earn you a ton of appreciation. Because of their blogs, many bloggers are regarded as specialists, and some have even got book and film deals depending on their blogs.

These are the main key reasons why you should consider starting a blog. Now the burning question is how you can start a blog site. Let’s dig deep into this now 

 How to start a blog

Starting a blog can be pretty overwhelming if you have limited knowledge on blogging then it can be a very hard thing to do. But don’t worry if you follow the steps mentioned below you can easily start a blog and the fun part you can do this for free.
1. Select a name:
A decent blog title should be meaningful so that prospective visitors can immediately tell from the name what your blog is all about. If you post about a particular subject, you certainly want to include it in your blog title in some manner. But don’t try to get hung up on just one phrase. A cooking blog, for instance, does not simply need to contain the term “cooking.” The terms ‘ food,” dishes,’ and’ snacks’ would also let individuals understand that cooking is about your blog. You will need to select a domain expansion once you have some blog title thoughts. The most favoured domain expansion is a .com domain, but it also works with.net or.org. It is also worth noting that you can not have gaps between phrases for the reasons for a blog domain. You can also have a free domain but then you have to select .wordpress.com orblogspot.com just name after your blog’s title. We will discuss more in the next part.
2. Create a blog site and host it:
It’s the moment to get your blog internet now that you’ve received a title selected out. This may look tough or technical, but if you follow the mentioned steps you can do it quite easily. I have a separate article you can create a blog site on WordPress and host it for free. So make sure you check that out.  
3. Customise your website:
Once you log in, you’ll be in the administrative region of WordPress. That’s where you can create any adjustments to your blog that you want. Everyone has a distinct concept about how they want to look at their blog. One of the great things about a blog on WordPress is that with just a few taps you can modify your whole layout and design. Blog layouts are recognized in WordPress as “themes.” Themes regulate all of your blog’s layout. You need to click on the “Appearance” button from the dashboard to alter your website’s theme.
4. Create contents:
Once you are happy with the layout of your blog it’s time to add some blog posts to it. When you are using WordPress you can easily create a blog post. I have a separate article which will help you to add a new blog post on WordPress. Make sure you check the article. 
5. Promote and earn money:
It’s just the beginning to create a well-designed blog and write excellent material. You’ll need to waste some time encouraging it to get viewers for your blog, particularly when you first begin. One of my favourite methods to get users to my blog is to publish the blogs on Facebook and Twitter. This is fantastic because not only do your colleagues see the contents, but it automatically multiplies your viewers. If you’ve produced high-quality material on your blog, social media is a wonderful tool to make your blog viral. Once you’ve made an attempt to create excellent blog posts and promote your blog, it’s truly simple to make cash from your blog. There are a number of aspects you can earn cash using blogging, from selling your own products or facilities to receiving paid writing offers. The most effective way is to sell space to place ads on your website. If you can create a popular website with a good amount of visitors, the advertisers will be running after you for placing their ads on your website. To unlock this feature you need to use Google Adsense.
I guess now it will be quite easy to start a blog even if you are a noob. If you still have any confusion about any steps make sure you leave a comment below.  

How to start an email marketing campaign in 2019 0

Many expert markets think that marketing with email is dead. Is it really dead? If we look at the history of marketing with email, the first email was sent for marketing purposes generated over $13 million in sales. But it is true that the golden days of email marketing is over but still, it provides a pretty solid ROI compared to other paid marketing channels. Introduction of artificial intelligence augmented reality and widespread use of social media has pushed email marketing in the backfoot but still, it is considered as one of the most important marketing channels for many businesses worldwide. On this blog, I will help you to get started with an email marketing campaign in 2019.

What is email marketing 

Email marketing is nothing but the use of the email to promote the business or products. Sounds pretty straight forward right? But it is not that easy as it sounds. There is a reason why people actually think email marketing dead. Mainly because of the clutter and low response rate. But if you can use this channel properly you can get high ROI as email marketing is relatively cheaper than the other platforms. The fact is though people are saying that email marketing is dead but it still outranks social media, affiliate marketing and SEO  according to a survey form smart insights. Why? People from all age groups use email and you can customise emails according to your target audience. This brings us why you should use email marketing and what are the benefits of it. 

Why Email Marketing

Many will argue over the fact that is the email still worth investing your time and money? Can email marketing bring more sales for my business? The list of questions goes on and on but hold on is email marketing is used just to boost sales? The straightforward answer is ‘NO’. There are far-reaching benefits of email marketing which most people don’t know about. So, let’s look into some benefits of email marketing.
1. Build trust:
People do businesses with individuals they understand and trust. By exchanging helpful material, Email offers you the capacity to create your reputation to your target audience. Using email you can convey useful pieces of information about your business and products which creates a credible image in the eyes of the customers.
2. Customer retention:
Getting a new customer is twice costly than retaining a new one. Emails help you to strengthen relations with your current customers and keep your business on top of the customer’s minds.
3. Boosts sales:
The first sales email actually generated $13 million in sales so this is a great way of generating sales. When the customers subscribe to your email list it helps you to rethink how you can generate more sales from the people who subscribe to your email updates.
4. Understand your Audience:
Another advantage of email marketing is the in details data you of how your emails are working. These ideas assist you to sell faster and offer you a stronger knowledge of your client base’s requirements and concerns.
5. Enhanced reach:
Email marketing is one of the greatest ways to take advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile technology since almost two-thirds of all emails are opened on a mobile device. This helps you to reach your customers in an effective way.
Now we know it you need to start email marketing and now let’s learn more about how you can start an email marketing campaign in 2019. 

How to start an email marketing campaign 

Trust me on this getting started with email marketing is the easiest compared to other marketing channels as this is less hassle-free. Now I will talk about 5 steps which will help you start your email marketing campaign in 2019. 
1. Develop a plan:
Always remember one thing that failing to plan is like planning to fail. You need to plan properly what you are about to do weather its email marketing of social media marketing. Here are two things which you need to keep in mind while developing a plan.


  • Set the target audience:
    First, you need to decide who are your target customers. You need to ask yourself some questions like who are they? What do they want and then customise your email according to the needs of your target audience?
  • Set specific goals:
    Now you need to ask yourself what you want to gain from this email marketing campaign. Do you want to boost your sales? Or you want to just create awareness. Then you need to compare your goals with the industry benchmarks which will provide you with an insight into the feasibility of your goal.
2. Choose an email service provider:
Here is the important part which is choosing an email service provider. When we are talking about email marketing, it’s not about sending 2-3 emails. We are sending one thousand to one million emails with a click of a button. Doing these manually is impossible and that’s why sometimes it is called bulk emails as we are sending many at once. You need to choose an email platform which will help you to send bulk emails. There are different email service providers like MailChimp, Send pulse, Send lane and the list goes on. These platforms are not free to use. You will get some free emails but to send more you need to pay for the subscription. For example, the MailChimp offers free up to two thousand emails if your email list is bigger than two thousand you need to upgrade your plan. 
3. Building up an email list:
This is the tricky part as you can actually mail whoever you want even if you have their email address. You need to be patient when building up an email list. First, you will have a few people on your email list but slowly your email list will grow. You need to collect as many leads or emails as possible as these leads are like gold to your company. There are different ways you can build up an email list. These are called lead magnets which attracts leads. Leads magnets collect leads in forms offers or something which is offered for free.
4. Create an email template:
Most of the email service providers have drag and drop an email template creators which allows you to create stunning email templates. Now you need to go back to your goals and create an email template according to your goal. For example, if your goal is to create awareness, then you need to provide useful information about your business and what’s the latest. If your goal is to boost sales you need to provide offers and deals which will compel the audience to complete the sales. You need to place enough CTA or call to action button which will take the users to your website or landing page to complete the buying process.
5. Pay attention to analytics:
Like drag and drop feature email service providers also have analytics which shows you how your email is working. The analytics show you some important information like the open rate. This data shows you how many people opened your email. Another critical information is the click-through rate. This allows you to see how your CTA buttons worked and how many people actually clicked on the links you provided. These data are the indicators of the performance of your email marketing campaigns. These data givens you an overall idea about what you did wrong and what is working. Use the analytics insights to develop your next email campaign.
If you ignored email marketing so far then it’s time to rethink your marketing approach. Email marketing is not dead and it is still going strong. If you have any queries about email marketing please feel free to comment below.

How to take your website to the first page on Google 0

Whoever owns a website you, me or your neighbour, anyone and when I say anyone I mean anyone wants to reach the first page of Google. Why? Because everyone wants attention and in the world of website attention means traffic. Everyone wants traffic on their website and the easiest way to get traffic is reaching the first page on Google and it not that simple as it sounds. Thought to reach the first page you need you to have a lot of patience and dedication but it’s not impossible. Today I will explain how to take your website to the first page on Google.  

How Google Search Engine Works 

SEO is a list of methods and instruments designed to guide organic traffic from search engines to your website. This enhances your brand awareness and gives your business more prospective clients. SEO focuses on high-quality material. Websites that supply useful material are ranked higher by Google on the search engine results. High-quality contents also enable you to gain the exposure and trust of your target audience. This will allow them to return to your website more frequently to find precious and informative contents. Online users who access your site using some specific words which are connected with your website or business. Thus, such users will turn to paid clients more frequently. This is why SEO is considered as one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate as it has greater ROI compared to other advertising methods like TVC or radio ads. Many people confuse SEO as a paid method but SEO is completely free and it is not like Adwords PPC campaign where you pay the search engine to reach the top. The traffic you get from SEO optimization is completely free of cost. But it’s hard to reach the first page of Google as the competition level is high. Google has integrated software devices that check pages regularly throughout the Internet, takes snapshots of every site, every page and store them into a huge base of data. When Google takes a snapshot of your web pages, the system of Google takes into account everything, from your words, photos, videos everything. Google set relevancy of these pages based on keywords which you use on your website’s content. When a user searches for a keyword Google’s algorithm decides which website or page is the most relevant with searched keywords. This result page is known as SERP or SEARCH ENGINE RANKING PAGE. 

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Google Search Engine 

Do you know which is the best place to hide a dead body? It’s Google’s second page lol. I don’t know who came up with this but let me tell you he is on point. Suppose you want to know what is the current population of the world and you googled it. I can assure you will find your answer on the first page of Google but the interesting fact is the pages on the second page also have the answer. But you will never reach the second page. That’s why you always need to focus on reaching the first page of Google. As its number one or nothing. Do you know who was the second person who landed on the moon? I bet you don’t as nobody care about the second person its either number of or nothing. Sometimes reaching the first page is also not good enough as according to a survey the first three links of the SERP gets the 55% of the clicks. So I guess you have a pretty good idea now why it is important so important. In today’s world, it’s important to have a powerful digital existence for every small or large company. It is no longer enough to develop a single product or service which is unique. The best way to reach more audience is to develop a strong digital footprint which makes the users follow it.


The website of your company is a central marketing tool which must be given top priority if you want to sustain in this digital era. You can use this to lure and turn prospective clients into loyal customers.

How to take your website to the first page on Google

There are actually two different ways you can take your website to the first page on Google. I have already talked about both. The first one is easy which is PPC but can also a lot of money but it can take you to the first page on Google in no time. The second one is SEO which is our main focus on this article. But before doing anything you need Index your website on google. 
1.Index your website:
The first what you need to do is see if your website is on Google or not. Always remember one thing that Google is not the internet. You can have your website on the internet but not necessary you have it on google. So you need to submit your website to Google and Google will index your website. First, you need to find out if your website is indexed by Google or not. Type site:yourdomian name and search for it on Google. If your website’s pages appear on google’s search then your website is already indexed by google. If not then follow this link:https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url and submit your website. It takes two to three weeks for Google to index your website.
2. Pay to play:
The easiest way to reach the first page of Google is to pay for it using Adword. First, you need to do is choose a keyword by which you want your audience to find your website. Then you need to bid for the keyword the higher the bid, the chances are higher that your website will be on the top of Google. The bid you select is the amount you have to pay when a user clicks on the Ad you place. That is the reason it’s known as pay per click. If you ever consider using PPC you must seek expert help. 
3. Reach organically: 
Finally, we have reached our main focus point which is how you can reach Google’s first-page organically. These are the pages which show up below the paid ones and this is the natural way of doing it and you can’t pay search engines for it. To reach organically you need to keep a few factors in mind. Such as:
  • Content is the king:
    The pages of your web site should include unique and useful information to help your target audience or customer. The longer the better, the greater the quality the better the chance you have reached the first page of Google. You should always try to help your audience by providing contents which are high in quality. The content can be blogs or information from your website’s content. But keeping the current trend in mind most SEO experts suggest blogging.
  • Backlinks:
    Google will rank your site higher if other websites like their contents with yours, and particularly big websites with content relating to yours. Links to your website from third parties give Google a green signal and a vote of assurance that your content may be worth raising SERP.
  • Responsiveness:
    Most people are now searching for information using smartphones. Are the pages in your website responsive to all devices? You must optimize your website for your mobile devices and other portable devices so that your website’s contents can be navigable easily. This will help the users to find the information on your website easily.
  • Loading speed: 
    Your website’s loading speed is one of the major factors behind ranking higher on SERP. Most of the users will leave your website if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. You must optimize your website so that it loads in 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Keywords:
    Of course, you’ll be placed higher if you use keywords use effectively in your website’s contents like and so the title of your website. Never do keyword stuffing because it’s obsolete and will harm your website and you might be blacklisted as well. Write your content for humans, but keep Google in mind. Do not use too many keywords and always keep it simple.
  • DA (Domain authority):
    The more time you have a domain it will be easier for you to rank higher. The more content you will post under your domain name the better it gets. If you get more backlinks your domain authority increase. Domain authority has a direct impact on your search engine rankings.
When doing SEO not giving up is the key and always remember that it’s an ongoing process rather than a static one. Google’s algorithm is changing frequently and if you place your website on the first page for one particular keyword it doesn’t mean that you will stay there. The search engine ranking is changing as you are reading this blog. So that’s why SEO is an ongoing process.

How to fix 10 common WordPress issues and errors 0

WordPress is the best content management system with more 30 per cent of the websites on the internet is powered WordPress.  Since 2003 WordPress has helped countless people with building their own website and to start a business. So many people are using this platform for different purposes and it quite normal to encounter a few common WordPress issues. This common WordPress issues or errors can seem a nightmare at the start but with few tips and tricks, you can overcome these WordPress issues in no time. On this article, you will talk about 10 most common WordPress issues and errors and provide you with an easy solution.

First create a backup 

Backup, Backup, Backup …. Always keep a back no matter what is it. It is highly recommended that you have an automatic backup running on your WordPress website. In reality, the most easy way to resolve any common WordPress issues is to restore your website to an earlier generated backup. But if you don’t have any automatic backup setup for your website make sure you create one before starting solving any problem. In this manner, if you screw up your WordPress website even further, you can have an easy solution to it as you have a backup. That’s why I said backup is very crucial. If you do not know how to create an automatic make sure you seek professional help from expert web developers from GGTaskers.

Things you will need to solve common WordPress issues

When you run into any of the common WordPress issues, a clam head is the most significant part. Panic won’t get you anywhere and could lead you to take wrong choices too. In most instances, it is not as bad as it seems and there is always a simple way of fixing these issues. Remember one thing, you are not the first person who is facing these issues so don’t lose hope just yet because I got you covered. You need the below-listed things to start solving WordPress issue. 
  1. FTP access and most recommended is Filezilla 
  2. Any text editor like notepad++
  3. WordPress admin login credential.
    Do you have the things you need to solve any common WordPress issues? If yes then let’s start with How to fix 10 common WordPress issues and errors.

10 common WordPress
issues and errors

1. Image upload issues:
When you are trying to upload an image WordPress might show you that your image is not uploading. Frankly, this issue can be solved easily. There are a few reasons why you might face this issue and here are some possible reasons and solution to it:    
  1. Resize the image:
    The most common issue is the size of the image. The image may be too large to upload. The fix is quite straight forward as you just need to resize the image using any tool like photoshop. You can also take help from different online platforms to resize your image.
  2. Rename:
    If you have special characters like $, %, &,* you must rename the image and try reuploading the image.
  3. Size:
    If the image you are trying to upload is larger then 100mb you must increase the max file size. To able to do that you need to check the main WordPress folder and find the php,ini file. You need to copy and paste the code below:
    upload_max_filesize = 128M
    post_max_size = 128M
    max_execution_time = 300
    These are the most common image issues and solution. If face any more issues rather then the mentioned one feel free to contact any professional or hire a WordPress expert.
2. WordPress parse or syntax error:
Parse or syntax error is another most common error you face might face when you are trying to add any new functions to your site by coding. When you are trying to add code snippets to your site using funtion.php this issue may appear after you reload the site. 
How to fix it:
To fix WordPress parse or syntax error you need to recheck the code again. The possible reason for this kind of issues is mistakes in code. When you added the code you must have done any mistake while coding. I know you almost had a heart attack when your browser showed you this message but don’t panic as the solution is in the message itself.  Now you need to find the file which file has the faulty code and find it and rewrite the code. This will solve your syntax error issue. 
3. Internal server error:
The people who belong from a non-technical background whenever they see any errors which are related to the server they start to lose their mind and went into a state of frenzy. As the name implies when an error occurred in the server and it can not show the requested page.
How to fix it:
There are different reasons why an internal server error occurs. Most of the time it is related to your .htaccess file or the low PHP memory limit. This issue can also arise when you are trying to add new functionality to your website using a plugin. To solve internal server error I have published a separate article so make sure you check out How To Fix 500 Internal Error On WordPress Website?
4. White screen death:
We all encountered the windows blue screen death right? For WordPress, it is known as we call it white screen death. Don’t get frightened by the name your website is not dead it just has gone missing for a while but we will get your website back don’t worry. The problematic part with white screen death is that you don’t have an error message which points out where the issue lies. 
How to fix it:
There are few ways to solve the white screen death and you need to do it step by step. If one solution didn’t work move on to the next one. 
1.Increase the PHP memory limit:  Decreases in the PHP memory limit may result in white screen death. Just increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress. This will solve white screen death most of the time. To increase the memory limit you need to edit a file which is wp-config.php. You can find this file in your website’s root directory. All you need to do is follow the same steps you followed the with the .htaccess file and copy this code: ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’16M’);
If you can’t increase the memory then your hosting provider does not allow you to increase the memory, in this case, contact your hosting provider.  
2. Disable your plugins: Faulty plugin installation can be another reason for white screen death you need to manually deactivate all the plugins and activate them one by one to find one if any plugin is the root of this issue. 
3. Go back to default theme: Your theme can be the reason behind it as well. Most people experience this issue when they try a new theme for their website. You need to switch back to your default theme from WordPress backend. 
5. WordPress sidebar below content:
This issue explains how the sideboard of your website is not near the main content but moves below the main content. When you see that it can be quite disturbing and you will start to blame your website’s theme for it. Don’t curse your theme there is a different reason for it.
How to fix it: 
Div tags are the main culprit here you may have opened or closed too many div tags. The div tag are small codes which looks like <div></div>. If you open or close too many in your HTML code it can destroy your layout. You can use HTML validator to find out the issues.
6. 404 error:
Error 404 or  404 error is another common WordPress issue the name depends on which browser you use. Where you or any visitors try to access your website, your browser sends a query to the web server and gets back with information which includes an HTTP header. The HTTP Header contains location tags which clarify the browser about what happened as you or any of your visitors send a request. 
How to fix it:
There are a few reasons why 404 error occurs as it can be a mistyped URL, maybe a caching issue. But the fix quite straightforward. I have an article which will help you to To Fix 404 Error in WordPress? 
7. Connection timed out error:
If it requires a long time moment load your website and you end up getting an error that is not accessible, your connection has timed out. This just takes place if your website tries to do more than the server can manage. This is a common error faced by users who have shared hosting with limited resources. 
How to fix it:
The most common issues can be fixed by doing the same things as plugin deactivation, increasing memory limit and switch back to the default theme. We have already talked about it. Follow the steps again one by one. If one does work then move on to the next one.  
  1. Increase the memory limit
  2. Deactivate the plugins
  3. Switch to the default theme
8. Unable to access the admin area:
Sometimes you face a problem with your admin login as it shows your password is incorrect but you have entered the right password or did you? Don’t worry even if you forgot your password this problem can also be solved as the mentioned ones.   
How to fix it: 
You just need to reset your password from your admin login page. You can enter your email after clicking on the lost password. This is the easiest way of doing it. You can also rest it from your database using PhpMyAdmin. 
9. Stuck in maintenance mode:
Suppose when you are trying to update your WordPress website puts itself in maintenance mode and your visitors see a message that you will be back soon. But things don’t go always as planned and you might get cancelled or it might time out but the problem occurs when the maintenance mode doesn’t go away. 
How to fix it:
To solve this issue you need to access your FTP account and delete a temporary file which is .maintenance. When you delete the file the maintenance mode should be gone as well.
10. Failed to auto-update WordPress:
The blessing of using WordPress is it can auto-update the core version. The update is connected with your hosting but if there is any glitch in your website’s service your website will encounter failed to complete auto-update. This kind of issue is rare but it does not mean it won’t happen to you. If you ever encounter such a problem you need to download the core update file from WordPress and update your website manually.
When you are using WordPress you are your own boss but sometimes the boss also needs help. If you ever face any issues which are beyond your knowledge don’t ever hesitate to seek any professional help.