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How to use Facebook for marketing 2019 - GGTaskers Blog

How to use Facebook for marketing 2019

How to use Facebook for marketing 2019
Marketing !!! Lets ask the basic questions first. What is marketing ? According to Philip Kotler ‘Marketing is process by which companies create value for the customers and create strong customer relationship in order to capture value from the customers in return’ So what you think ?  It’s all about VALUE. It brings to our second question which is how can we create value ? Simple answer will be by products and services which will be offered to the customers to create value. Now we got this one cleared right ??? and now third question come how to offer the values we created to the customers or the end users ??? There are several ways and techniques but can you guess the most effective one ? Yes you got it right its internet. To narrow it down we can say Digital Marketing. But what is digital marketing ? Digital marketing is the process of reaching the customers by using the digital technologies mainly internet. There are different medium to reach the customers by different medium of platform and the most effective one is social media. Can you guess which social media site is the most popular these days ? I know you didn’t had to think twice it’s Facebook isn’t it ? If you are a beginner and you want to use Facebook for marketing purpose and run Ads on Facebook you are in the right place.
facebook marketing

Why Facebook ?

facebook marketing 2019
There are around 200+ social media platform out there on internet right now and its fare enough to say Facebook is the most popular one right now. More than 2.32 billion active monthly users worldwide are active as of 31 December 2018. 1.15 billion users are active from mobile devices. Around 1.52 billion users log into Facebook at least once a day. 42% of marketers says that Facebook is the most critical part of their marketing activities. An average Facebook users spends around 20 mins on Facebook daily. Facebook has more than 80 million medium and small sized business pages. 78% of American customers said they found about a retail product which you bought was found on Facebook. These are some quite overwhelming facts is not it ? These facts are clear indication that if you want to start social media marketing then Facebook is a must pick from all social media sites. So are you ready to learn how you can start Facebook marketing ? Lets begin:

How to set up a Facebook page ?    

You made the right decision when you decided to create a Facebook page for your business. Actuality, 60 million companies globally are  already marketing on Facebook by using a page. So must create a page in such way so that you can stand out from the rest. Let’s go back to the very early part and i will walk you right through the initial setup process before you start publishing content and boosting ads.
1. Create a Facebook page
One important aspect needs to be clarified first. The huge majority of Facebook, as you obviously know, consists of personal profiles. However, you will have to create a page instead if you’re a business attempting to create your existence in the social network. Pages are the exact equivalent of a company profile for Facebook. Pages are akin to profile pages; however, only company, organization and cause specific information is displayed on business page. When someone wants to connect with a profile as a friend, you “like” and become a fan with a business page. If you try to use a personal profile as business page there is huge risk that Facebook might shut you down due to violation of their rules. 
facebook marketing 2019
To create your own facebook page for your business you need to follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/creation/ you will get two options:
1. Business or Brand
2. Community or public figure
You will chose business or brand
facebook marketing 2019
Then you provide the name for your business and category or which type of business you are creating and click continue.
facebook marketing 2019
A profile picture will be added to your Facebook page as the very first step. This will represent as the main visual image for your page and will continue to appear any content shown in an user’s news feed in the search results. Most marketers strongly suggest that a 180 x 180 pixel image should be created, as it should help maintain its quality.
facebook marketing 2019
You will then be asked to add a picture cover on Facebook. The large horizontal picture that stretches across the top of your site is a photo cover. It should express the identity of your website and can frequently be updated with special offers, advertising campaigns and seasons. Click the option “Add a Cover Photo” in the welcome menu to upload a cover photo. The photo cover is officially 851 x 315 pixels. If your picture is not precise, you will however be able to drag the picture to reorient it. Save press. In future to alter your cover image, drag your mouse on over the white camera in your cover cover cover photo at the top right corner and choose “change cover.” If you are advertising any campaign using your images, it’s also a great idea to provide a text statement and a link in the description. Congratulations you successfully opened your business page on Facebook.
facebook marketing 2019
2. Add a short description to your page
Now see your page is starting to come with some amazing pictures. However, it’s time to tell your online audience what you’re all about, by using a  description. In the welcome menu, click on “Add a Short Description.” In your business page, add 1-2 phrases (or a maximum of 155 characters). This information appears on your page and the results of the search, so keep it short but descriptive. 
facebook marketing 2019
However, don’t be scared to show some persona of your brand! Additionally, by clicking on “about” in the left menu, you can edit your description. Including a phone number, website, email, start date, mission etc.
facebook marketing 2019
3. Setup Username
A Username for your Page is an import section for your business page. It is your personalized Facebook URL, your username will actually help people to discover and remember your page easily. You have 50 characters to have a catchy title that is not used by another company.
facebook marketing 2019
4. Setup roles
With the fundamental structure successfully complete, you will take an crucial step before sending out the your fresh made business page to the world or even to your staffs. Do you recall how Facebook differentiate business pages from individual profiles? One advantage is that many individuals from an institution can edit and post from the your Page without you having to give up login credentials of your personal profile. However, that also implies that you must identify who has editing access and what role they play in your business page. On the top your
facebook marketing 2019
page there is setting under setting you will find page roles:
facebook marketing 2019
Here are few options for page roles
  1. Admins:
    Admin can handle every component of the page, that is, they can send messages, post them on the page, respond to or remove posts, ad ads and admin, and allocate page roles. This individual would have the same privileges as the page’s creator. So be very wise when you assign someone an admin role.
  2. Editor:
    Editors can act in the same way that admins but only difference is editors can’t assign page roles to others.
  3. Moderator:
    Moderators may send and answer and delete messages, but they can’t post anything on the Page. They can also create ads for the page.
  4. Advertiser:
    This role allows someone just to create ads and see the page’s insights.
  5. Analyst:
    They don’t have any kind of publishing authority. They only see which admin published which post and see the page’s insights.
facebook marketing 2019
5. Notifications
Jump to “Notifications” in the setting menu. This section allows you to adapt how you are receiving notifications on your page. For example, each time an activity takes place, you can get a notification, or just get a notice every 12 – 24 hours.
facebook marketing 2019
6. Add button to your page
From December 2014, Pages on Facebook permitted a call-to-action button to be placed on the top of the page. On top of your page, click “Add a Button.” Depending on whether your viewer wants to book a service, contact us, make a shopping or donation, download the app, or learn more, you can choose from a range of choices. You can also choose a CTA link to, for example, your webpage, a landing page, or a footage.
facebook marketing 2019
7. Select the right tabs for your business
Would you like to take your page to the next level on ? Upon visiting your page, you can add tailor-made tabs to show the contents users whats to see. For example, you can browse photos, view open jobs and visit the Pinterest page, or find shop in your page. To make changes your tabs can do go to settings option and click on Templates and tabs.
facebook marketing 2019

How to Get Facebook Likes and Fans

Naturally, you always want to succeed on your Facebook business page. However, your business objectives will depend on how successfully you managed to optimism your social media site. Your main focus may be to launch new products and services, increase awareness, generate sales or collect leads. So accomplish these objectives you need likes. A “like” is how a customer raises his hand and simply says that i want see your posts and offers in their Facebook news feed. Here are some ways to generate likes on your Facebook page:
1. Add searchable information
Each segment of your page should contain content that is applicable, informative and find able to boost your amount of Facebook fans. Remember: the entire content on your site is indexed by search engines, which helps you generate more fans.
facebook marketing 2019
2. Add Facebook likes button your blogs and website
The promotion of your constant presence in Facebook via the different marketing platforms you have already is really important include making your Facebook page more accessible as possible. If you already have a website or blog, use the available social plugins of Facebook to make people “like” your page without going to page.
3. Use the available contacts
Often, you have friends, families or potential customers who are more than eager to connect directly on Facebook with your business. You just have to approach. Just ask. Try to approach for likes and good reviews in person, via emails or on Facebook. Just be careful about endorsing over-connections without interest.
4. Post relevant contents
The most effective way to boost your Facebook follow or like is to treat your fans like people, which means providing interesting content consistently and communicate with them. The actual value will be generated by sharing with your fans and to communicate with them. The whole thing is about building long-term relations with your fans on Facebook. They may not recall one post on Facebook, but they will think of you as a valuable asset. Only way to accomplish that is to constantly publish extremely high quality, useful and relevant posts on Facebook.
5. Use Ads
Growing organically your Facebook likes is the absolutely the best way to engage and ultimately transform followers into customers. But if the budget is available, it may contribute to the hard work you already have done and incorporating paid advertising into your Facebook strategy will take your business page to new heights. Facebook provides a “page like ad” type ad that contains a CTA that suggests customers to like your Facebook page. These ads can be found on Facebook in user’s news feeds or on the on the ad page on the left of your web browser.
facebook marketing 2019
This blog is all about how you can start using Facebook page for your business and how to optimism it. To learn more about how Facebook ad work you can check our Facebook Ad specifications 2019. 

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