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How To Fix 500 Internal Error On WordPress Website ?

How To Fix 500 Internal Error On WordPress Website ?

How To Fix 500 Internal Error On WordPress Website ?
When it comes to flaws and errors WordPress is not an exception. Depending on the issue you face, WordPress websites can encounter distinct kinds of
mistakes. Some mistakes can be remedied by tweaking one or two things, while others may require several days to sort out. All this can cause a reduction in website traffic and potentially impact a site’s user experience.
Suppose your site was working just fine till yesterday night and you’re not aware of a minor glitch. Unexpectedly, on every section of your website, you begin to observe a 500 internal error. Don’t panic! Don’t worry! It can be fixed and you can do it by yourself. I understand you’re getting nervous now that on your WordPress website you just found 500 inner server error. So let’s fix it together, shall we? Because of the essence and uniqueness of the CMS as a whole, a solution to anything can be found for every sort of mistake. So cool down you are fine and let’s look into some steps how you can fix 500 internal server error.
What is 500 internal error

What Is a 500 Internal Server Error

As the name implies when an error occurred in the server and it can not show the requested page. This error is considered as the issue which occurs from the application side on your web server. Suppose you write a specific website address or URL in your browser address bar or you can just click on the link. This implies that you are sending a request to the server to show any specific page. But for some unknown reason server unable to show the page you requested. This error is considered as the 500 internal server error. Most of the time you are not responsible for this kind of error which occurs on your hosted server. Machines can’t make mistakes but servers are managed by human so errors can be avoidable. Sometimes some errors are so severe that can compromise your website. So I will always suggest that keep a backup of your website.

Easy ways to fix 500 internal error

Studying errors could save a lot of time and effort. The initial assessment of the error could be useful in identifying the source of the problem and therefore pave the way for a resolution of the error at hand. For 500 internal server error the main two reasons are:
1. .htaccess file error
2. PHP memory limit
So now let’s guide you how you can solve 500 internal error for the mentioned two issues:
1. .htaccess File Error:
The .htaccess file can be found in any PHP based web application. This is one of the most important files in the FTP account as this file contains server related configuration rules. If this file gets corrupted somehow you will get error 500. There are many reasons why the htaccess file gets corrupted. One of the main reasons is by plugins you install on your WordPress website. Sometimes the installation process is broken midways that’s why it corrupts the file. Broken themes can also cause you 500 server error. To fix the issues you need to login to your FTP account. After you log in you will see a .htaccess file which is located in your root directory. All you need to do is download the file from the live server and edit it with notepad++ and copy the code from this site: https://wordpress.org/support/article/htaccess/ which fits your WordPress website’s version. Then you re-upload the file into the root directory and refresh your website. Your site should be ok right now if not then follow the 2nd step.  
PHP Memory Limit
2. PHP Memory Limit:
When a user requests a page, it is processed by PHP and activates a mechanism that finally produces HTML at the client’s end. This method is assigned to the PHP database. The PHP memory limit can also be increased to remediate the 500 internal server error. The PHP storage limit is established by request by your hosting provider and WordPress. When the storage decreases, 500 internal server error will be shown automatically. Just raise the PHP storage in WordPress and see whether your site performs okay or not to help keep this discrepancy. In this manner, the 500 internal server error can be avoided frequently on your web site.
To increase the memory you need to edit the wp-config.php file which can be found in your website’s root directory. All you need to do is follow the same steps you followed the with the .htaccess file and copy this code:
If you successfully add the code the system will say ‘That’s all, Stop editing! Happy Blogging’ Then you re-upload the file in the root directory. Refresh your website and it should be fixed now. If you can’t increase the memory then your hosting provider does not allow you to increase the memory, in this case, you follow the third step.
Contact Your Hosting Provider
3. Contact Your Hosting Provider:
If both the method fails then you should contact your hosting provider. They will check the server log and from there they can easily locate where the problem lies. There are also a few things which you can do if your service provider is taking time to respond.
Deactivate Plugins
4. Deactivate Plugins:
When none of the above alternatives functioned for you, a particular plugin is probably the cause of this error. This usually occurs when a mixture of plugins do not function well with each other. Unfortunately, it is not a simple and easy way to sort it out. All WordPress plugins must be disabled immediately. Sorry !!!
Core file reupload
5. Core File Reupload:
If the plugin deactivate option did not fix the internal server error, then the wp-admin and the wp-including folder needs to be reuploaded. Which implies that your WordPress core software needs to be installed again. This will not delete any of your data, but it can resolve the problem if any core file was broken.
I hope the five steps I mentioned will solve your 500 internal server error. If it still does not get solved then you must seek some expert opinion

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