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How To Create A WordPress Website For Free In Five Minutes?

How To Create A WordPress Website For Free In Five Minutes?

How To Create A WordPress Website For Free In Five Minutes?
What does WordPress mean? WordPress is a website creation tool written in PHP and it has been around since 2003. Still, it is actually the easiest and most influential blogging and website content management system (CMS) that exists in the world today. Thought it started in 2003 just for blogging website but today WordPress is used for non-blogging sites too. Today, 31.9 percent of all websites use WordPress, which is 59.4 percent of the market share of the content management system. Here are some facts to support it:
  1. Every month, 400 million people view 24 billion pages which are powered by WordPress.
  2. 70 million new posts and 47 million comments are made each month.
  3. WordPress is now available on 120 languages.
  4. CNN, TED, UPS, CBS Radio and many more are listed as WordPress users.
There are certain advantages when you are using wordpress for building your website. Let’s look at some of the biggest advantages of wordpress: 
  • WordPress is free
  • WordPress is highly customizable
  • WordPress is easy to use
  • WordPress doesn’t require a lot of coding
  • WordPress has a huge community support
  • WordPress is much cheaper comparing to other platforms
The most interesting fact about WordPress is that you can create a website for free. When I say free I mean absolutely free no domain no hosting charges will be needed. Here are 15 steps by which you can create a WordPress website for Free in just 5 mins. So let’s start:
Step 1: To create your website you need to go to www.wordpress.com. This is the official WordPress website from this site you can create your own website for 100% free of cost.
Step 2: On the website on the top right corner you will see the login option. Click on the login.
Step 3: If you already have an account then you need to just sign in if-then than create your own WordPress account which really easy just need to sign up with your email. As you can see you can either click the signup or create a new account. Both will take you to a new window where you can create your WordPress account.
Step 4: After you log in to your account on the top left corner you will find an option called My Site. Click on mysite.
Step 5: On the My Site window you will find an option called Create Site. Click on create site.
Step 6: The new window will ask you what kind of site you want. So you need to select the type you want. I have selected a Blog.
Step 7: Now select have to select what kind of blog you will write on your website. You can either select from the given one’s or you search your desired topic.
Step 8: On the search bar you type the topic, for example, I want to blog about IT which stands for information technology. Then Click continue.
Step 9: Now one very important part you need to select a name for your blog. I have named my website by my name. You can select any name you want just you have to make sure that it must be a unique one. Then click continue.
Step 10: Now you need to give your website an address or domain. If you already have a domain you can select it. As we are creating a blog site for free so let’s select our own domain. You can also select the domain as your website name. I will highly recommend it.
Step 11: As you can see I have selected the same name for my blog site’s and also domain name. Now we have to select the free option.
Step 12: Congratulations you just created your own website and the most amazing thing is it’s free.
Step 13: Now let’s show some basic things you need to do when you start your website. You can change your current form for the design tab.
Step 14: From pages tab, you can make changes to your pages. As you can see I have only one page which is the home page. Click on the home page.
Step 15: If you click on any page name an editor option will open up. From this option, you can make changes to your pages.
Step 16: Finally you need to click on your website name which is located at the top left corner of your screen to make further edits to your website. The My Site page will act as your dashboard. You can check site I just created on ifranmd.wordpress.com.
So what do you think? It was easy right? Yes, it is easy and you can do it too. If you have any more questions regarding building a website then feel free to comment below.

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