The biggest WordPress trends we’ve seen in 2019

The biggest WordPress trends we’ve seen in 2019
The web design and development trends are changing at a lightning speed and we have witnessed no exception in 2019. WordPress has the largest market share in the content management industry and we have seen some dramatic trends in 2019. There are hundreds of new websites launched in 2019 and powered by WordPress. As the taste and preference of the users are changing, the owners did their best to keep up with the current trends. Today we will learn more about the biggest WordPress trends we’ve seen in 2019.
WordPress trends

About WordPress 

WordPress is a content management tool written in PHP and was founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little back on May 27th, 2003. Since then WordPress has revolutionised the CMS industry. According to w3techs, 34.6% of websites on the internet is powered WordPress and had a market share of 61.4% in the industry of content management system. WordPress is well known for its user-friendliness, as you run a WordPress website without writing a single line of code. The easy availability of WordPress developers makes it easy to create or extend the functionality of a WordPress website. WordPress is also SEO friendly which means the possibility of reaching the first page of Google is easy when you are using a WordPress website.  WordPress has more fifty thousand plugins which can be used to extend the functionality of any website which is powered by WordPress. Most of the WordPress plugins have a free version and there is also paid version of each plugin. The biggest advantages of using a WordPress website is the customizability options which comes with this CMS. There are thousands of free and paid themes which can change how your websites look and perform with a click of a button. You can also custom design a WordPress theme with the help of any WordPress theme developers who will charge you around $10 to $15 depending on the skills and experience. Nothing in the universe is perfect and there will always be flaws and WordPress is no exception. So let’s learn about a few pros and cons of a WordPress website. 
Advantages of WordPress: 
  • WordPress is free
  • WordPress is highly customizable
  • WordPress is easy to use
  • WordPress doesn’t require a lot of coding
  • WordPress has a huge community support
  • WordPress is much cheaper compared to other platforms
Few drawbacks:
  • WordPress is less secure compared to other platforms
  • WordPress needs more maintenance
  • WordPress has less functionality if you compare it with platforms like Drupal
  • WordPress lacks in uniqueness
There is always two sides of the coin and we have to focus on the good side. We are in the last quarter of 2019 and so far we have seen a few interesting trends in WordPress website. Now we will discuss the biggest WordPress trends we’ve seen in 2019, so let’s start. 
WordPress trends

10 WordPress trends to follow in 2019

  1. Video
    Video is more interesting and engaging than images and boring texts. In 2019, we have seen that video headers are selling like hotcakes. Videos have the power to draw more attention to the website and increase the session duration of the users. You can place a video on your website in any context. It can be a video header maybe a popup or it can be a background video. The placement depends on your website’s layout and that’s why designers are focusing on creating a layout where there will be enough room for placing a video.
2. Mobile responsiveness
Back in 2016 for the first time, mobile web searches exceeded the desktop search volume and this trend is ever increasing and we have no idea when this trend will stop. We don’t know how the Google algorithm works but there are few facts which effects the search engine results and mobile-friendliness plays a big part in it. If your website is not mobile responsive you can kiss the 1st page of google goodbye as you will never reach it. Many of the WordPress developers and designers are approaching to ‘mobile-first’ model where the most importance is given to the design of the mobile site.
3. Single-page Websites
Pageless websites or single-page websites have only one extremely interactive page, which is intended to remove the background noise and transmit a single key message. This kind of websites is becoming more popular in 2019. There are many advantages to single-page websites. For one thing, you do not need to worry about the boring information which creates confusion among your website visitors. The biggest advantage would be that a single website loads a lot faster than websites which have more pages. If a one-page website is designed properly then it can be very engaging and not mention that such kinds of websites are 100% responsive across all devices. 
4. Typography: 
The font that you choose represents your brand identity, your voice tone and your message. You can use various font styles, for instance, to convey feelings like friendship, trustworthiness, creativity and so on. But in 2019 we have witnessed people are shifting away from their brand fonts and using louder and bolder typography. Introduction of custom fonts in WordPress has paved the way of using out of the box typographies.
5. Augmented reality: 
We have seen a huge rise in using augmented reality which known as AR and visual reality as VR. In 2019 the website owners are rushing into creating a website based in AR & AV and WordPress has welcomed this trend by supporting contents which are based on virtual reality as well as 360 degree supported videos and images. The implications of AR and VR took the online world by storm at the beginning of 2019 and we guess this trend has to intention of stopping.
6. Minimalism:   
For quite a while, flat designs have been common and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere anytime soon. Lightness is the focus of this kind of minimalistic design with flat colours, clarity with plenty of white areas. This does not only highlight your content, but it also makes sure your website gets faster and convey a content look across all devices.
7. Drag and Drop: 
Although WordPress provides the most fundamental and important designs and themes, you can also try the modified ones. The use of the Drag & Drop theme or website development increased massively in 2019. This kind of theme enables users to create stunning websites without typing a single line of code. So if you belong from a non-technical background then this drag and drop theme is your best friend in 2019.
8. Ecommerce:
When you are taking WordPress and trends you just can’t ignore the word E-commerce. With the help of a plugin, you can turn a WordPress website into an E-Commerce platform. Woocommerce is a powerful plugin and with the help of a theme which supports e-commerce functionality, you can easily create a powerful E-commerce website.
9. Colour saturation: 
We already discussed minimalism and another trending topic we have seen in WordPress design is the use of colour saturation. Generally, the designers tend to keep it simple and use a toned-down colour. But this so-called toned down colour is becoming a thing of the past as bold, bright oversaturated colours are becoming trendy in 2019.
10. Animations: 
Though the web industry was introduced with animation while it was flashed based. The introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 has created more innovative ways to embed an animation on a WordPress website. When your focus is on conveying some important information about the brand and business in an interesting way without making your users bored, the animation is the best ammunition you have in your arsenal.  
You can create a WordPress website for free and even host it on WordPress as well but before doing so think your users for whom you are putting all the efforts and please pay attention to the latest trends in the world of WordPress.

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