How to boost your WordPress SEO

How to boost your WordPress SEO
If you want to set up a website on your own then WordPress is your best option. We all know WordPress is SEO friendly but there is still a lot of work you must-do if you want to improve your WordPress SEO. We have seen some dramatic changes in SEO from google over recent years and now SEO is not only about keyword stuffing and building backlinks. There are lots of factors you need to keep in mind if you want to manage the SEO of your website. In this blog, I will discount 10 tips on how to improve WordPress SEO. 
Importance of SEO

What is SEO and why it is important

Search engine optimization which is widely known as SEO is a method which optimizes a website or any content on the internet to improve its search engine rankings. SEO also helps to increase the quality of the website by making them faster and user-friendly. While no one knows exactly Google’s algorithm, SEO experts have discovered a range of different factors that appear to affect the ranking of the websites via careful analysis. SEO enables business owners to create quick, robust and user-friendly websites which appear top of the search engines. This helps them to bring more potential customers to their sites. SEO is a structure with guidelines and processes, rather than a static process.  Whether you have a website in WordPress or Drupal SEO is important for every kind of websites. There are lots of reasons why you must focus on your website’s SEO. Here are some reasons: 
1. Organic traffic: Organic traffic is an important part of most of the company’s website performance, and also a major component of buyer funnel because it’s the natural way of users to complete a purchase and to engage with a product or service. 
2. Gain credibility: Every experienced SEO experts aim to build a strong solid foundation for a fabulous website with tidy and effective user experience. The faith and credibility of any brand and its digital assets can be easily created by focusing on a strong foundation of SEO.
3. Increase conversion rate: Businesses with an SEO optimized website bring more customers and grow twice as fast as those without one. SEO is definitely today’s most efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy. It will also bring more clients who are looking for your service or product frequently. 
4. SEO won’t cost you a fortune: SEO costs money because all the good things in the world are not free. But comparing to other marketing technics SEO is relatively cheaper not to mention the return on investment (ROI) is much higher. Don’t judge SEO as a marketing expense rather count it as a business investment.
5. Better user experience: Everyone wish to improve organic rankings and maximize visibility. Few understand that the best experience for users is an important factor in getting there. Google has actually learned how to define the positive and constructive or unfavourable user experience and has been a crucial factor in the success of a web site. 
Now you understand why SEO is important for your website and its time for some tips which will help you to boost your WordPress website SEO. Just make sure you follow the tips I mentioned step by step. 
wordpress seo tips

10 tips for boosting your

WordPress SEO 

1. Hosting providers: 
The first phase is to make sure your website is loading quickly because speed is a significant variable in Google’s SEO algorithm. You can contact your hosting provider if your site does not load quickly. Suppose your website has a very heavy page still that website needs to load under 1.5 second. If your hosting provider fails to point any specific reason why your website loads slowly then you need to assume that the server itself is slow and its time to switch your hosting. You want to select a hosting provider that is dependable and reputable for good performance. Even for a present website, if your current provider does not fulfil your requirements, you may want to consider changing the host.
Hosting providers
2. Start with blogging: 
WordPress has a builtin blog as WordPress started as a blogging platform. What I will tell you now will come as shock. You need to discourage search engines from indexing your site. Are you confused? I know you are, let me explain. If you discourage search engines from indexing your site then Google bots won’t be able to index your site this will prevent your site from appearing in the search result and it will also keep your site out of Google’s blacklist. You don’t want your site to fall in Google’s blacklist as it will be a nightmare for you as it really hard to get out of Google’s blacklist. The idea is to get your website’s structure on point first then turn on the visibility. 
start with blog site
3. Set your permalinks: 
Permalinks are the digital address for your website’s post. To keep it simple it’s the URL. Permalinks play an important role in WordPress SEO as this is how Google finds your content. Though it’s not good to change the permalinks of your website sometimes to boost your SEO changing permalinks is important. WordPress offers 5 types of permalinks and a custom one. I will recommend the post name permalink stature as you can put some keywords there which will help you to better place your content and this type of permalink structure is SEO friendly. 
Set your permalinks
4. Carefully select a responsive theme: 
The theme you select for your website is an influential factor for your WordPress website’s SEO performance. Your theme influences the look and design of your website provides cool features and also contributes to your SEO. Your theme can also influence the speed of your site which is essential, as I have mentioned before. How the theme was created also matters as well written codes increases your chances of performing better in search engine result pages(SERPs). 
5. Create sitemap:
The sitemap contains all of the web pages of your blog and other content and it arranged all the pages and content in a hierarchical manner. It offers a fast approach to find out how your website is designed. Although these sitemaps have formerly been intended to assist users to access pages, now their main aim is to transmit search engine bots, they are also known as crawlers with data and information about the website.
Create sitemap
6. Use an SEO plugin: 
You might not be acquainted with the word plugins if you joined the world of WordPress recently. These are tiny software extensions you can install on your WordPress website to add more functionality to your site. There is a plugin to assist your website do anything, even in search engines. There are a lot of plugins which will help you to improve your website’s performance. Such a plugin is Yoast SEO. This plugin will help you to optimize your contents to perform better in search rankings. 
Use an SEO plugin
7. Write well-optimized contents: 
I hope you understand the concept of keywords. If you don’t know how to do keyword research for your contents make sure you read how to do keyword research for WordPress blogs for free. You need to select a focus or main keyword and you need to place that keyword on your title, slug, meta description, H1, H2 and H3 tags. Google crawlers will look for these keywords and thus it will decide if your content is relevant or not. You must avoid keyword stuffing or use of irreverent keywords. 
Write well-optimized contents
8. Pay attention to image SEO:
Many people put so much focus on the text content that they forget about the images. You need to use an optimal number of images on content and use proper information on the image’s title, alternate text, caption and description. You need to provide your focus on alternate text or alt text as this how the search engine finds out what is the picture all about.
improve image SEO
9. Decrease loading time:
At the start of this content, I have already discussed the importance of loading time. Web hosting is not the only issue behind the loading time of your website. There are other factors which increase the loading time. The images can be an issue if you upload high-quality images. You need to compress the size of the images without hurting the quality. Using too many plugins or heavy theme is another factor behind increased loading time. So make sure you deactivate the unnecessary plugins and use a theme which is lightweight.
Decrease loading time
10. Focus on fresh contents: 
The final tip for improved WordPress SEO is focusing on a niche and trending fresh topics. If you blog about topics which are broad the change of hitting the first page is quite tough as thousands of people wrote about the same topic like hundreds of times. So you need to select a topic which is niche and fresh and please don’t forget to post fresh content regularly. 
Focus on fresh contents
Always keep in mind that SEO is a continuous process, not a static one. If your target is to reach the first page of google it will take time so you need to do it stay paitent and keep your eyes open for new tips and tricks.

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