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How to fix 10 common WordPress issues and errors

How to fix 10 common WordPress issues and errors

How to fix 10 common WordPress issues and errors
WordPress is the best content management system with more 30 per cent of the websites on the internet is powered WordPress.  Since 2003 WordPress has helped countless people with building their own website and to start a business. So many people are using this platform for different purposes and it quite normal to encounter a few common WordPress issues. This common WordPress issues or errors can seem a nightmare at the start but with few tips and tricks, you can overcome these WordPress issues in no time. On this article, you will talk about 10 most common WordPress issues and errors and provide you with an easy solution.
Create a backup

First create a backup 

Backup, Backup, Backup …. Always keep a back no matter what is it. It is highly recommended that you have an automatic backup running on your WordPress website. In reality, the most easy way to resolve any common WordPress issues is to restore your website to an earlier generated backup. But if you don’t have any automatic backup setup for your website make sure you create one before starting solving any problem. In this manner, if you screw up your WordPress website even further, you can have an easy solution to it as you have a backup. That’s why I said backup is very crucial. If you do not know how to create an automatic make sure you seek professional help from expert web developers from GGTaskers.

Things you will need to solve common WordPress issues

When you run into any of the common WordPress issues, a clam head is the most significant part. Panic won’t get you anywhere and could lead you to take wrong choices too. In most instances, it is not as bad as it seems and there is always a simple way of fixing these issues. Remember one thing, you are not the first person who is facing these issues so don’t lose hope just yet because I got you covered. You need the below-listed things to start solving WordPress issue. 
  1. FTP access and most recommended is Filezilla 
  2. Any text editor like notepad++
  3. WordPress admin login credential.
    Do you have the things you need to solve any common WordPress issues? If yes then let’s start with How to fix 10 common WordPress issues and errors.
common WordPress issues

10 common WordPress
issues and errors

WordPress Image upload issues
1. Image upload issues:
When you are trying to upload an image WordPress might show you that your image is not uploading. Frankly, this issue can be solved easily. There are a few reasons why you might face this issue and here are some possible reasons and solution to it:    
  1. Resize the image:
    The most common issue is the size of the image. The image may be too large to upload. The fix is quite straight forward as you just need to resize the image using any tool like photoshop. You can also take help from different online platforms to resize your image.
  2. Rename:
    If you have special characters like $, %, &,* you must rename the image and try reuploading the image.
  3. Size:
    If the image you are trying to upload is larger then 100mb you must increase the max file size. To able to do that you need to check the main WordPress folder and find the php,ini file. You need to copy and paste the code below:
    upload_max_filesize = 128M
    post_max_size = 128M
    max_execution_time = 300
    These are the most common image issues and solution. If face any more issues rather then the mentioned one feel free to contact any professional or hire a WordPress expert.
WordPress parse or syntax error
2. WordPress parse or syntax error:
Parse or syntax error is another most common error you face might face when you are trying to add any new functions to your site by coding. When you are trying to add code snippets to your site using funtion.php this issue may appear after you reload the site. 
How to fix it:
To fix WordPress parse or syntax error you need to recheck the code again. The possible reason for this kind of issues is mistakes in code. When you added the code you must have done any mistake while coding. I know you almost had a heart attack when your browser showed you this message but don’t panic as the solution is in the message itself.  Now you need to find the file which file has the faulty code and find it and rewrite the code. This will solve your syntax error issue. 
Internal server error
3. Internal server error:
The people who belong from a non-technical background whenever they see any errors which are related to the server they start to lose their mind and went into a state of frenzy. As the name implies when an error occurred in the server and it can not show the requested page.
How to fix it:
There are different reasons why an internal server error occurs. Most of the time it is related to your .htaccess file or the low PHP memory limit. This issue can also arise when you are trying to add new functionality to your website using a plugin. To solve internal server error I have published a separate article so make sure you check out How To Fix 500 Internal Error On WordPress Website?
White screen death
4. White screen death:
We all encountered the windows blue screen death right? For WordPress, it is known as we call it white screen death. Don’t get frightened by the name your website is not dead it just has gone missing for a while but we will get your website back don’t worry. The problematic part with white screen death is that you don’t have an error message which points out where the issue lies. 
How to fix it:
There are few ways to solve the white screen death and you need to do it step by step. If one solution didn’t work move on to the next one. 
1.Increase the PHP memory limit:  Decreases in the PHP memory limit may result in white screen death. Just increase the PHP memory limit in WordPress. This will solve white screen death most of the time. To increase the memory limit you need to edit a file which is wp-config.php. You can find this file in your website’s root directory. All you need to do is follow the same steps you followed the with the .htaccess file and copy this code: ini_set(‘memory_limit’,’16M’);
If you can’t increase the memory then your hosting provider does not allow you to increase the memory, in this case, contact your hosting provider.  
2. Disable your plugins: Faulty plugin installation can be another reason for white screen death you need to manually deactivate all the plugins and activate them one by one to find one if any plugin is the root of this issue. 
3. Go back to default theme: Your theme can be the reason behind it as well. Most people experience this issue when they try a new theme for their website. You need to switch back to your default theme from WordPress backend. 
WordPress sidebar below content
5. WordPress sidebar below content:
This issue explains how the sideboard of your website is not near the main content but moves below the main content. When you see that it can be quite disturbing and you will start to blame your website’s theme for it. Don’t curse your theme there is a different reason for it.
How to fix it: 
Div tags are the main culprit here you may have opened or closed too many div tags. The div tag are small codes which looks like <div></div>. If you open or close too many in your HTML code it can destroy your layout. You can use HTML validator to find out the issues.
404 error
6. 404 error:
Error 404 or  404 error is another common WordPress issue the name depends on which browser you use. Where you or any visitors try to access your website, your browser sends a query to the web server and gets back with information which includes an HTTP header. The HTTP Header contains location tags which clarify the browser about what happened as you or any of your visitors send a request. 
How to fix it:
There are a few reasons why 404 error occurs as it can be a mistyped URL, maybe a caching issue. But the fix quite straightforward. I have an article which will help you to To Fix 404 Error in WordPress? 
Connection timed out error
7. Connection timed out error:
If it requires a long time moment load your website and you end up getting an error that is not accessible, your connection has timed out. This just takes place if your website tries to do more than the server can manage. This is a common error faced by users who have shared hosting with limited resources. 
How to fix it:
The most common issues can be fixed by doing the same things as plugin deactivation, increasing memory limit and switch back to the default theme. We have already talked about it. Follow the steps again one by one. If one does work then move on to the next one.  
  1. Increase the memory limit
  2. Deactivate the plugins
  3. Switch to the default theme
Unable to access the admin area
8. Unable to access the admin area:
Sometimes you face a problem with your admin login as it shows your password is incorrect but you have entered the right password or did you? Don’t worry even if you forgot your password this problem can also be solved as the mentioned ones.   
How to fix it: 
You just need to reset your password from your admin login page. You can enter your email after clicking on the lost password. This is the easiest way of doing it. You can also rest it from your database using PhpMyAdmin. 
9. Stuck in maintenance mode:
Suppose when you are trying to update your WordPress website puts itself in maintenance mode and your visitors see a message that you will be back soon. But things don’t go always as planned and you might get cancelled or it might time out but the problem occurs when the maintenance mode doesn’t go away. 
How to fix it:
To solve this issue you need to access your FTP account and delete a temporary file which is .maintenance. When you delete the file the maintenance mode should be gone as well.
Failed to auto-update WordPress
10. Failed to auto-update WordPress:
The blessing of using WordPress is it can auto-update the core version. The update is connected with your hosting but if there is any glitch in your website’s service your website will encounter failed to complete auto-update. This kind of issue is rare but it does not mean it won’t happen to you. If you ever encounter such a problem you need to download the core update file from WordPress and update your website manually.
When you are using WordPress you are your own boss but sometimes the boss also needs help. If you ever face any issues which are beyond your knowledge don’t ever hesitate to seek any professional help.  

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