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How to take your website to the first page on Google

How to take your website to the first page on Google

How to take your website to the first page on Google
Whoever owns a website you, me or your neighbour, anyone and when I say anyone I mean anyone wants to reach the first page of Google. Why? Because everyone wants attention and in the world of website attention means traffic. Everyone wants traffic on their website and the easiest way to get traffic is reaching the first page on Google and it not that simple as it sounds. Thought to reach the first page you need you to have a lot of patience and dedication but it’s not impossible. Today I will explain how to take your website to the first page on Google.  
Google search engine

How Google Search Engine Works 

SEO is a list of methods and instruments designed to guide organic traffic from search engines to your website. This enhances your brand awareness and gives your business more prospective clients. SEO focuses on high-quality material. Websites that supply useful material are ranked higher by Google on the search engine results. High-quality contents also enable you to gain the exposure and trust of your target audience. This will allow them to return to your website more frequently to find precious and informative contents. Online users who access your site using some specific words which are connected with your website or business. Thus, such users will turn to paid clients more frequently. This is why SEO is considered as one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate as it has greater ROI compared to other advertising methods like TVC or radio ads. Many people confuse SEO as a paid method but SEO is completely free and it is not like Adwords PPC campaign where you pay the search engine to reach the top. The traffic you get from SEO optimization is completely free of cost. But it’s hard to reach the first page of Google as the competition level is high. Google has integrated software devices that check pages regularly throughout the Internet, takes snapshots of every site, every page and store them into a huge base of data. When Google takes a snapshot of your web pages, the system of Google takes into account everything, from your words, photos, videos everything. Google set relevancy of these pages based on keywords which you use on your website’s content. When a user searches for a keyword Google’s algorithm decides which website or page is the most relevant with searched keywords. This result page is known as SERP or SEARCH ENGINE RANKING PAGE. 
pay attention to Google

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Google Search Engine 

Do you know which is the best place to hide a dead body? It’s Google’s second page lol. I don’t know who came up with this but let me tell you he is on point. Suppose you want to know what is the current population of the world and you googled it. I can assure you will find your answer on the first page of Google but the interesting fact is the pages on the second page also have the answer. But you will never reach the second page. That’s why you always need to focus on reaching the first page of Google. As its number one or nothing. Do you know who was the second person who landed on the moon? I bet you don’t as nobody care about the second person its either number of or nothing. Sometimes reaching the first page is also not good enough as according to a survey the first three links of the SERP gets the 55% of the clicks. So I guess you have a pretty good idea now why it is important so important. In today’s world, it’s important to have a powerful digital existence for every small or large company. It is no longer enough to develop a single product or service which is unique. The best way to reach more audience is to develop a strong digital footprint which makes the users follow it.


The website of your company is a central marketing tool which must be given top priority if you want to sustain in this digital era. You can use this to lure and turn prospective clients into loyal customers.

How to take your website to the first page on Google

There are actually two different ways you can take your website to the first page on Google. I have already talked about both. The first one is easy which is PPC but can also a lot of money but it can take you to the first page on Google in no time. The second one is SEO which is our main focus on this article. But before doing anything you need Index your website on google. 
Index your website
1.Index your website:
The first what you need to do is see if your website is on Google or not. Always remember one thing that Google is not the internet. You can have your website on the internet but not necessary you have it on google. So you need to submit your website to Google and Google will index your website. First, you need to find out if your website is indexed by Google or not. Type site:yourdomian name and search for it on Google. If your website’s pages appear on google’s search then your website is already indexed by google. If not then follow this link:https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url and submit your website. It takes two to three weeks for Google to index your website.
PPC adword
2. Pay to play:
The easiest way to reach the first page of Google is to pay for it using Adword. First, you need to do is choose a keyword by which you want your audience to find your website. Then you need to bid for the keyword the higher the bid, the chances are higher that your website will be on the top of Google. The bid you select is the amount you have to pay when a user clicks on the Ad you place. That is the reason it’s known as pay per click. If you ever consider using PPC you must seek expert help. 
Reach organically
3. Reach organically: 
Finally, we have reached our main focus point which is how you can reach Google’s first-page organically. These are the pages which show up below the paid ones and this is the natural way of doing it and you can’t pay search engines for it. To reach organically you need to keep a few factors in mind. Such as:
  • Content is the king:
    The pages of your web site should include unique and useful information to help your target audience or customer. The longer the better, the greater the quality the better the chance you have reached the first page of Google. You should always try to help your audience by providing contents which are high in quality. The content can be blogs or information from your website’s content. But keeping the current trend in mind most SEO experts suggest blogging.
Content is the king
  • Backlinks:
    Google will rank your site higher if other websites like their contents with yours, and particularly big websites with content relating to yours. Links to your website from third parties give Google a green signal and a vote of assurance that your content may be worth raising SERP.
  • Responsiveness:
    Most people are now searching for information using smartphones. Are the pages in your website responsive to all devices? You must optimize your website for your mobile devices and other portable devices so that your website’s contents can be navigable easily. This will help the users to find the information on your website easily.
  • Loading speed: 
    Your website’s loading speed is one of the major factors behind ranking higher on SERP. Most of the users will leave your website if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load. You must optimize your website so that it loads in 1 or 2 seconds.
Loading speed
  • Keywords:
    Of course, you’ll be placed higher if you use keywords use effectively in your website’s contents like and so the title of your website. Never do keyword stuffing because it’s obsolete and will harm your website and you might be blacklisted as well. Write your content for humans, but keep Google in mind. Do not use too many keywords and always keep it simple.
  • DA (Domain authority):
    The more time you have a domain it will be easier for you to rank higher. The more content you will post under your domain name the better it gets. If you get more backlinks your domain authority increase. Domain authority has a direct impact on your search engine rankings.
Domian authority
When doing SEO not giving up is the key and always remember that it’s an ongoing process rather than a static one. Google’s algorithm is changing frequently and if you place your website on the first page for one particular keyword it doesn’t mean that you will stay there. The search engine ranking is changing as you are reading this blog. So that’s why SEO is an ongoing process.

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