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How to start an email marketing campaign in 2019 - GGTaskers Blog

How to start an email marketing campaign in 2019

How to start an email marketing campaign in 2019
Many expert markets think that marketing with email is dead. Is it really dead? If we look at the history of marketing with email, the first email was sent for marketing purposes generated over $13 million in sales. But it is true that the golden days of email marketing is over but still, it provides a pretty solid ROI compared to other paid marketing channels. Introduction of artificial intelligence augmented reality and widespread use of social media has pushed email marketing in the backfoot but still, it is considered as one of the most important marketing channels for many businesses worldwide. On this blog, I will help you to get started with an email marketing campaign in 2019.
What is email marketing

What is email marketing 

Email marketing is nothing but the use of the email to promote the business or products. Sounds pretty straight forward right? But it is not that easy as it sounds. There is a reason why people actually think email marketing dead. Mainly because of the clutter and low response rate. But if you can use this channel properly you can get high ROI as email marketing is relatively cheaper than the other platforms. The fact is though people are saying that email marketing is dead but it still outranks social media, affiliate marketing and SEO  according to a survey form smart insights. Why? People from all age groups use email and you can customise emails according to your target audience. This brings us why you should use email marketing and what are the benefits of it. 
Benefits of email marketing

Why Email Marketing

Many will argue over the fact that is the email still worth investing your time and money? Can email marketing bring more sales for my business? The list of questions goes on and on but hold on is email marketing is used just to boost sales? The straightforward answer is ‘NO’. There are far-reaching benefits of email marketing which most people don’t know about. So, let’s look into some benefits of email marketing.
1. Build trust:
People do businesses with individuals they understand and trust. By exchanging helpful material, Email offers you the capacity to create your reputation to your target audience. Using email you can convey useful pieces of information about your business and products which creates a credible image in the eyes of the customers.
2. Customer retention:
Getting a new customer is twice costly than retaining a new one. Emails help you to strengthen relations with your current customers and keep your business on top of the customer’s minds.
3. Boosts sales:
The first sales email actually generated $13 million in sales so this is a great way of generating sales. When the customers subscribe to your email list it helps you to rethink how you can generate more sales from the people who subscribe to your email updates.
4. Understand your Audience:
Another advantage of email marketing is the in details data you of how your emails are working. These ideas assist you to sell faster and offer you a stronger knowledge of your client base’s requirements and concerns.
5. Enhanced reach:
Email marketing is one of the greatest ways to take advantage of the increasing popularity of mobile technology since almost two-thirds of all emails are opened on a mobile device. This helps you to reach your customers in an effective way.
Now we know it you need to start email marketing and now let’s learn more about how you can start an email marketing campaign in 2019. 

How to start an email marketing campaign 

Trust me on this getting started with email marketing is the easiest compared to other marketing channels as this is less hassle-free. Now I will talk about 5 steps which will help you start your email marketing campaign in 2019. 
1. Develop a plan:
Always remember one thing that failing to plan is like planning to fail. You need to plan properly what you are about to do weather its email marketing of social media marketing. Here are two things which you need to keep in mind while developing a plan.


  • Set the target audience:
    First, you need to decide who are your target customers. You need to ask yourself some questions like who are they? What do they want and then customise your email according to the needs of your target audience?
  • Set specific goals:
    Now you need to ask yourself what you want to gain from this email marketing campaign. Do you want to boost your sales? Or you want to just create awareness. Then you need to compare your goals with the industry benchmarks which will provide you with an insight into the feasibility of your goal.
Choose an email service provider
2. Choose an email service provider:
Here is the important part which is choosing an email service provider. When we are talking about email marketing, it’s not about sending 2-3 emails. We are sending one thousand to one million emails with a click of a button. Doing these manually is impossible and that’s why sometimes it is called bulk emails as we are sending many at once. You need to choose an email platform which will help you to send bulk emails. There are different email service providers like MailChimp, Send pulse, Send lane and the list goes on. These platforms are not free to use. You will get some free emails but to send more you need to pay for the subscription. For example, the MailChimp offers free up to two thousand emails if your email list is bigger than two thousand you need to upgrade your plan. 
3. Building up an email list:
This is the tricky part as you can actually mail whoever you want even if you have their email address. You need to be patient when building up an email list. First, you will have a few people on your email list but slowly your email list will grow. You need to collect as many leads or emails as possible as these leads are like gold to your company. There are different ways you can build up an email list. These are called lead magnets which attracts leads. Leads magnets collect leads in forms offers or something which is offered for free.
4. Create an email template:
Most of the email service providers have drag and drop an email template creators which allows you to create stunning email templates. Now you need to go back to your goals and create an email template according to your goal. For example, if your goal is to create awareness, then you need to provide useful information about your business and what’s the latest. If your goal is to boost sales you need to provide offers and deals which will compel the audience to complete the sales. You need to place enough CTA or call to action button which will take the users to your website or landing page to complete the buying process.
Pay attention to analytics
5. Pay attention to analytics:
Like drag and drop feature email service providers also have analytics which shows you how your email is working. The analytics show you some important information like the open rate. This data shows you how many people opened your email. Another critical information is the click-through rate. This allows you to see how your CTA buttons worked and how many people actually clicked on the links you provided. These data are the indicators of the performance of your email marketing campaigns. These data givens you an overall idea about what you did wrong and what is working. Use the analytics insights to develop your next email campaign.
If you ignored email marketing so far then it’s time to rethink your marketing approach. Email marketing is not dead and it is still going strong. If you have any queries about email marketing please feel free to comment below.

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