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How to start a blog for free in 2019 - GGTaskers Blog

How to start a blog for free in 2019

How to start a blog for free in 2019
In recent years we have heard a lot about blogging and especially in 2019 the blogging trend just exploded. There are tons of bloggers out there but the number of good bloggers is very few. Most of the people mess things up while starting a blog. If you do not know how to start a blog this article will help you to start a blog for free in 2019.  
what is blog

What is blog

Briefly, a blog is a sort of website that relies primarily on text content, also recognized as blog postings. We know most about blogs of media and celebrities, but you can begin a good blog with almost every subject imaginable. Bloggers often publish from a private point of view, which enables their viewers to communicate immediately. Moreover, the majority of websites have a section called comments where you can match the writer’s content and start a discussion. In the observations segment, it enables to further connect with the author through interaction with your viewer. One of the primary advantages of beginning a blog is this immediate link to the viewer. This link enables you to communicate with other like-minded individuals and communicate thoughts. You can also create credibility with your visitors. With your user’s faith and engagement, it will also open the gate to make your website profitable. We will discuss more how you can make money using a blog site. 
benefits of blogging

Why you need to start a blog 

One of the misunderstandings about beginning a blog site is that you must be an excellent author to succeed. People visit blog websites in order to have a private look at stuff, so most bloggers compose very informally and in a conversational way. In order to have a successful blog, you also don’t need to be a specialist on your subject. For example, readers of a cooking blog don’t want to learn the food scientist’s handbook. They want to know the stories of someone who baked genuine food and how they started. Apart from this, there are a few more reasons why you should consider starting a blog. 
1. Earn money:
When executed properly, blogging can be pretty profitable. The world’s leading bloggers clearly gain a lot, but even a part-time blogger can assume a good deal if stuff goes right. The best thing is that blogging is a kind of passive income because a blog articles take a few hours a week to complete and then you can create cash soon after it has been published on the website.
2. Build a community: 
Blogging is interactive in its core. A blog article is written and individuals start talking about it. This is a wonderful place to communicate with individuals who want to do as you are. Blogging provides you with the chance, depending on your knowledge, to educate these individuals and to hear from their point of view which help to create a great community.
3. Get recognized: 
No, because of your latest blog post, you probably won’t have people chasing you around. But in your sector, a good blog can earn you a ton of appreciation. Because of their blogs, many bloggers are regarded as specialists, and some have even got book and film deals depending on their blogs.

These are the main key reasons why you should consider starting a blog. Now the burning question is how you can start a blog site. Let’s dig deep into this now 
How to start a blog

 How to start a blog

Starting a blog can be pretty overwhelming if you have limited knowledge on blogging then it can be a very hard thing to do. But don’t worry if you follow the steps mentioned below you can easily start a blog and the fun part you can do this for free.
1. Select a name:
A decent blog title should be meaningful so that prospective visitors can immediately tell from the name what your blog is all about. If you post about a particular subject, you certainly want to include it in your blog title in some manner. But don’t try to get hung up on just one phrase. A cooking blog, for instance, does not simply need to contain the term “cooking.” The terms ‘ food,” dishes,’ and’ snacks’ would also let individuals understand that cooking is about your blog. You will need to select a domain expansion once you have some blog title thoughts. The most favoured domain expansion is a .com domain, but it also works with.net or.org. It is also worth noting that you can not have gaps between phrases for the reasons for a blog domain. You can also have a free domain but then you have to select .wordpress.com orblogspot.com just name after your blog’s title. We will discuss more in the next part.
2. Create a blog site and host it:
It’s the moment to get your blog internet now that you’ve received a title selected out. This may look tough or technical, but if you follow the mentioned steps you can do it quite easily. I have a separate article you can create a blog site on WordPress and host it for free. So make sure you check that out.  
3. Customise your website:
Once you log in, you’ll be in the administrative region of WordPress. That’s where you can create any adjustments to your blog that you want. Everyone has a distinct concept about how they want to look at their blog. One of the great things about a blog on WordPress is that with just a few taps you can modify your whole layout and design. Blog layouts are recognized in WordPress as “themes.” Themes regulate all of your blog’s layout. You need to click on the “Appearance” button from the dashboard to alter your website’s theme.
4. Create contents:
Once you are happy with the layout of your blog it’s time to add some blog posts to it. When you are using WordPress you can easily create a blog post. I have a separate article which will help you to add a new blog post on WordPress. Make sure you check the article. 
Promote and earn money
5. Promote and earn money:
It’s just the beginning to create a well-designed blog and write excellent material. You’ll need to waste some time encouraging it to get viewers for your blog, particularly when you first begin. One of my favourite methods to get users to my blog is to publish the blogs on Facebook and Twitter. This is fantastic because not only do your colleagues see the contents, but it automatically multiplies your viewers. If you’ve produced high-quality material on your blog, social media is a wonderful tool to make your blog viral. Once you’ve made an attempt to create excellent blog posts and promote your blog, it’s truly simple to make cash from your blog. There are a number of aspects you can earn cash using blogging, from selling your own products or facilities to receiving paid writing offers. The most effective way is to sell space to place ads on your website. If you can create a popular website with a good amount of visitors, the advertisers will be running after you for placing their ads on your website. To unlock this feature you need to use Google Adsense.
I guess now it will be quite easy to start a blog even if you are a noob. If you still have any confusion about any steps make sure you leave a comment below.  

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