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How to make money from blog in 2019 - GGTaskers Blog

How to make money from blog in 2019

How to make money from blog in 2019
It is a million-dollar question and most of the people ask is it really possible to make money by blogging? How to make money from blog ? Trust me, many people asked me the same question and I said yes it’s possible to make money but it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to work really hard and have the patience to make money by blogging. In this article, I will try to answer this million-dollar question which is how you can make money by blogging. 
Choose a niche

Choose a niche

Did you manage to find out the niche subject area you will be blogging about? Recent statistics on blogging indicate that this is the first thing which has to be determined first. Ultimately, your blogging niche isn’t just the subject or cluster of related topics that you’re going to create blog contents around, it goes so much deeper than that and getting that cohesive topic is crucial to eventually create cash flow from blogging because it provides your visitors with a cause to come back for more frequently to your blog site. In addition, your niche describes the sort of individual you are most obviously talking to about your material. It is a zoomed-in perspective of your knowledge and know-how. Ultimately, your niche will assist you to find and increase your audience, sell your material in the correct manner, and effectively monetize your blog.
You will start to create a very particular (and involved) community when you completely comprehend your niche and placement within that niche, which leaves it extremely simpler to get sponsorships, associates, advertisers and implement all the other main methods to blogging cash.
Content is the king

Content is the king 

You may have a great looking website with some eye-popping features and its really user-friendly. All these great attributes will go out of the window if your content is poor. Always remember that content is the king. You visitor doest come to your website for aesthetics of your website but for the useful information you post on your website. That’s why markets say content is the king and at the heart of your blog site there is nothing but contents and it can be text or image maybe both.  
It’s no surprise that you will have lots of competitors even if you have a pretty niche topic. Most of the bloggers lose their track while planning what to write about. This is the issues most of the bloggers face after having some traffic on the blog site. The reality is that it is not enough to have excellent thoughts and strong phrases. Many individuals are keen on reading more about the greatest blog ever written on a blog’s subjects. And that takes us to the three stages of development of material:
  1. You understand what material is common in your niche and you compose about those subjects solely
  2. You have to develop frameworks that will make you famous with your contents.
  3. Your material gives the viewer more benefit than any other posts posted on this subject.
You need to overpower your competitors and provide more value then they are offering right now. That’s that the only way to stay alive in this game. 
Pay attention to SEO

 Pay attention to SEO

Writing about topics you care deeply about is really, really simple. And it’s essential that your blog becomes a hub to communicate stuff that which relates with your viewers. But even more essential is to nail your blog SEO. Search Engine Optimization can make tailspin even the most skilled professional marketers, but SEO is essential if you want to generate money by your blog posts. 
Why? Because significant search engine platforms such as Google can give you a virtually infinite quantity of free, natural traffic if you can place your blog higher on Google’s search engine rankings. I have a separate blog topic which explains how you can SEO optimise your blog posts. So make sure you check that blog while we focus on generating money from the blog. 
How to make money from blog

 How to make money from blog 

One thing I have mentioned before and I would like to make it clear again that earning money from a blog is pretty difficult but not impossible. We live in a world where the impossible is becoming a reality these days. Now I will talk about how you can make your dream of earning money from blogging into reality. So let’s start: 
Get sponsored
1. Get sponsored:
Sponsored advertising is sought and tested enterprise for all types of products, and in the correct situations, it performs like a miracle. This technique is not only demonstrated to operate for advertisers but also to assist you simultaneously to create cash from blogging. It’s when the business offers you a premium in exchange for composing a post about them or a subject linked to them, where their item, service or brand is prominently displayed as a go-to resource for those of your visitors who want to learn more about the featured products or services. This type of advertisement is beneficial for both parties.
Affiliate Marketing
2. Affiliate Marketing:
Now let’s speak about programs for affiliates. Entering most affiliate programs may be simpler than seeking blog endorsement deals if you ask me. Businesses that have already built-in affiliate programs are prepared and willing to pay you to cash in exchange for channelling your blog viewers to them,  meaning you don’t have to sell customers or spend time in developing your own item before you start making money blogging. But the catch is you must have a good amount of visitors every month to generate money from affiliate marketing.
sell add space
3. Sell ads space:
When it comes to selling advertisement space and working with advertising networks pitching your blog site is not your only choice. If you wind up with sufficient traffic, advertisers may arrive at you immediately and invite you to position their ads on your page. You can also get in touch with advertisers. The greatest distinction from the above two is that there is no centre guy, so you can put your own ad prices.
Promote products or services
4. Promote products or services:
This point is from a business perspective. If you are a company or have a small business with products or services you can offer those products or services via a blog. I know when you are running a business and you need to invest a lot of time on business and you might have a little time focusing on staff like blogging but trust me its worth it. When you are blogging about your industry niche it gives your business credibility and opens a gateway to promote your products and services and eventually generate more sales. But to do that you have to make sure that you promote the blogs to the audience who are interested in your products and services.
5. Freelancing:
Freelancing is another great way to make money by blogging. The demand for freelance content writers or bloggers are on the rise and you can earn a lot of money by doing it. First, you have to create a reputation that you are an experienced freelance blog writer and to able to do that you need to create a blog site of your own and make it engaging. The freelance economy is rising and blogging skills is one of the most demanded skills in the freelancing world and the chance of earning money by blogging pretty feasible when it comes to freelancing.
Earning money is not easy whether you want to do it by blogging or selling cupcakes. The key is to have patience and not giving up. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any queries please feel free to comment below.

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