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How to find out the right freelancers for your project

How to find out the right freelancers for your project

How to find out the right freelancers for your project
Accroding to the recent research freelance economy also known as the gig economy will the main driving force behind the UK’s economy. The main force behind this growing economy will be the independent workers who are known as freelancers. But in reality, finding a good freelancer is quite difficult. On this blog, I will discuss how you can find the right freelancer for your project. 
Who are freelancers

 Who are freelancers?

It’s hard to define who is freelancers as there is no accurate way to define the term freelancers. In general sense, the people who do not work for any company on a full-time basis is considered as the freelancer. The freelancers usually work with a client on specific projects where the payment is fixed before starting the work. There are different freelancing platforms who work as middle man between the freelancer and the client. There are some different sectors where freelance can be applicable like programing, graphics designing, digital marketing, content writing, virtual support and so on. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, the gig economy flourished in recent years and it’s still on the rise.    
Where to find freelancers?

Where to find freelancers? 

This is the bunning question that where we can find the best freelancers. There are different platforms like GGTaskers, People Per Hour, Upwork and so on but can every platform guaranty quality freelancers? The answer is no you can’t. If you have previously worked with freelancers then you would understand how difficult it is find the right freelancer for your project. I will explain a bit how GGTasker’s work as I am working with them for quite a while now as a freelancer writer. GGTaskers actually rethought how this freelancer industry works and they pinpointed the problems which occur while working with freelancers. Most of the people actually complained about the quality of the freelancers. The top freelancing platforms today don’t guaranty the quality of the freelancers and disputes arise most of the time as the freelancers cant meet the expectations of the clients. That’s why GGTaskers came up with an amazing idea of verified freelancers whose work quality is tested and approved by the GGTaskers. When a client posts a job or project, GGTaskers selects the top three freelancers which are capable of completing the project and the client will choose one freelancer from the top three selected ones. The freelancers will submit the project to GGTaskers and after confirming the quality of the work, the client receives the final work. The most amazing part is from signing up to receiving bids the whole process is actually free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny for quotes. This process is relatively new and GGTaskers is getting a good amount of response and the client base is going each day. But I not forcing you to work with GGTaskers just because I have worked with them. If you decide to work with freelancers and hire them from any platform other than GGTaskers then this section is for you. 
find the right freelancer for your project

 Find out the right freelancers for your project 

As I mentioned before finding the right freelancer is quite a difficult task, to be honest as there are work and money involved and you just can not trust someone who you have not to meet in person. The freelancer industry actually runs on trust but there are few other factors which can help you to find out the right freelancers for your project which will decrease the uncertainties which arrives during working with a freelancer. 
1. Pay attention to available info:
When you visit an independent platform like Upwork or GGTaskers, pay attention to the available information, read job reviews and comments and evaluate their standards of work, certifications, and so on. It may take longer, but in the end, it’s worthwhile. This is the first thing you need to take into consideration while hiring anyone for an job weather is a one time job or you want to create a long term relationship with the freelancer.
2. Skills:
Most of the freelancer’s platforms have a skills section where the freelancers list down the skills they have. You have to keep in mind that our current industry is skill-based industry and if you have skills then the sky is the limit for you. Look carefully what skills the freelancers have and cross-match with the skills your project requires. Suppose if you have a project on WordPress then the freelancers must-have skill in WordPress development, strong programing skill on PHP. First, you need to determine what skill your project requires then you have to cross match it with the skills of the freelancer.
3. Rating and feedback:
Whenever a freelancer completes a project the client rate the freelancer out of five or ten and then leave constructive feedback on the experience of working with the freelancers. This section is like jackpot for you. You need to carefully go through all the feedbacks of the clients the freelancer got. By doing so you will have a pretty good idea of freelancer if the feedbacks are good then go for the freelancer if not look for another one.
4. Portfolio:
The portfolio is a section where a freelancer showcases the works he did in his career. If we are talking about a freelancer programmer then he will have the websites he worked on in his portfolio. If we are talking about a freelancer graphics designer then the designs freelancer worked on will be there on the portfolio and so on. Now you need to cross match your project with the freelancer’s portfolio. You need to look for similar projects the freelancer worked on. If you find one then you should definitely consider working with the freelancer.
5. Communication:
Last but not least is you need to start communicating with the freelancer. You can be a British and the freelancers can be an Indian. So the on general there will be some culture shock and which will result in a communication gap. But if you find a freelancer who has matched all the factors I have mentioned on the above, you should start communicating with the freelancer and make sure the freelancer understands what you want the individual to do. Final word? Just make sure you and the freelancer are on the same page.
I understand it’s not easy choosing the right freelancer for your project but trust you need to check all the points twice before choosing the right freelancer for your project.        


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