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Is this the end of traditional offices? 0

During 2020 we became more and more familiar with phrases such as “Stay at home” and “The new way of living” when the coronavirus pandemic bombarded us. 

Brick and mortar businesses were closed as the world went into lockdown, and only those online were still able to operate.  This change in how we were all told to work from home changed how many businesses operate for good.

More people have been drawn towards freelancing platforms than ever before.  It has also changed the way businesses that were once solely office-based are now working remotely.

So does this mean the end to the traditional offices? Research has shown that once offices reopen, there is to be a reduction in full-time staff.  Offices that were once busy with so many will be restructured and allow the flexibility to work from home.  It’s believed that more businesses than ever before will look into outsourcing.

In 2021 the number of virtual offices has hit an all-time high with people working from home.  During the pandemic, many office-based businesses had no choice but to reconfigure how they were operating to survive and have become equipped to allow the flexible way of living to be the norm.

Businesses have also grown used to virtual meetings using platforms such as zoom to reduce the number of face to face meetings.  Virtual meetings are more likely to become the norm of how businesses operate, giving staff the flexibility to work not just from home but from anywhere in the world. 

Consumers are also favouring virtual meetings with agencies as it saves time and money on commuting.  Virtual meetings also give the flexibility to hold meetings at short notice on updates on clients projects and resolve any queries that need addressing.

The Year For Freelancers 0

Ever since the coronavirus hit us, it has completely changed how we are operating with people working from home and businesses cutting costs by turning to freelance platforms.
Many people who once worked in a full-time office job have now turned towards freelancing platforms for additional income. The number of people now calling themselves freelancer is more significant than ever before across all sectors.
In the UK, two months into the first lockdown, the number of freelancers grew by 26%. It has been the biggest leap in freelancers due to the demand for full-time staff by many UK businesses.
Is this the new way of working now? Many businesses say that this will be the new way of working and hiring staff to work from home instead of the daily commute and office expenses. Workers have said they prefer working from home and enjoy the freedom of working from the comfort of their own home and the opportunity to earn more.
1 in seven freelancers across the UK is a mother and are now enjoying working from home and favouring the new way of working from home in this new way of living.
More and more businesses are now open to a new way of getting their work done, and not only does it save them money for the full-time staff, but they also say it cuts down on the need to explain and monitor staff performances and deadlines. With a freelance platform, it allows them to select from any number of workers available and brief them on the requirements and decide on whom they wish to hire at an affordable price.
Many people who used to see the freelance world as casual and insecure now recognise it as progressive and dynamic. In the world of technology we live in and the internet’s power, it has given us all a lot more opportunities than was ever possible, even ten years ago.