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How to make money from blog in 2019 0

It is a million-dollar question and most of the people ask is it really possible to make money by blogging? How to make money from blog ? Trust me, many people asked me the same question and I said yes it’s possible to make money but it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to work really hard and have the patience to make money by blogging. In this article, I will try to answer this million-dollar question which is how you can make money by blogging. 

Choose a niche

Did you manage to find out the niche subject area you will be blogging about? Recent statistics on blogging indicate that this is the first thing which has to be determined first. Ultimately, your blogging niche isn’t just the subject or cluster of related topics that you’re going to create blog contents around, it goes so much deeper than that and getting that cohesive topic is crucial to eventually create cash flow from blogging because it provides your visitors with a cause to come back for more frequently to your blog site. In addition, your niche describes the sort of individual you are most obviously talking to about your material. It is a zoomed-in perspective of your knowledge and know-how. Ultimately, your niche will assist you to find and increase your audience, sell your material in the correct manner, and effectively monetize your blog.
You will start to create a very particular (and involved) community when you completely comprehend your niche and placement within that niche, which leaves it extremely simpler to get sponsorships, associates, advertisers and implement all the other main methods to blogging cash.

Content is the king 

You may have a great looking website with some eye-popping features and its really user-friendly. All these great attributes will go out of the window if your content is poor. Always remember that content is the king. You visitor doest come to your website for aesthetics of your website but for the useful information you post on your website. That’s why markets say content is the king and at the heart of your blog site there is nothing but contents and it can be text or image maybe both.  
It’s no surprise that you will have lots of competitors even if you have a pretty niche topic. Most of the bloggers lose their track while planning what to write about. This is the issues most of the bloggers face after having some traffic on the blog site. The reality is that it is not enough to have excellent thoughts and strong phrases. Many individuals are keen on reading more about the greatest blog ever written on a blog’s subjects. And that takes us to the three stages of development of material:
  1. You understand what material is common in your niche and you compose about those subjects solely
  2. You have to develop frameworks that will make you famous with your contents.
  3. Your material gives the viewer more benefit than any other posts posted on this subject.
You need to overpower your competitors and provide more value then they are offering right now. That’s that the only way to stay alive in this game. 

 Pay attention to SEO

Writing about topics you care deeply about is really, really simple. And it’s essential that your blog becomes a hub to communicate stuff that which relates with your viewers. But even more essential is to nail your blog SEO. Search Engine Optimization can make tailspin even the most skilled professional marketers, but SEO is essential if you want to generate money by your blog posts. 
Why? Because significant search engine platforms such as Google can give you a virtually infinite quantity of free, natural traffic if you can place your blog higher on Google’s search engine rankings. I have a separate blog topic which explains how you can SEO optimise your blog posts. So make sure you check that blog while we focus on generating money from the blog. 

 How to make money from blog 

One thing I have mentioned before and I would like to make it clear again that earning money from a blog is pretty difficult but not impossible. We live in a world where the impossible is becoming a reality these days. Now I will talk about how you can make your dream of earning money from blogging into reality. So let’s start: 
1. Get sponsored:
Sponsored advertising is sought and tested enterprise for all types of products, and in the correct situations, it performs like a miracle. This technique is not only demonstrated to operate for advertisers but also to assist you simultaneously to create cash from blogging. It’s when the business offers you a premium in exchange for composing a post about them or a subject linked to them, where their item, service or brand is prominently displayed as a go-to resource for those of your visitors who want to learn more about the featured products or services. This type of advertisement is beneficial for both parties.
2. Affiliate Marketing:
Now let’s speak about programs for affiliates. Entering most affiliate programs may be simpler than seeking blog endorsement deals if you ask me. Businesses that have already built-in affiliate programs are prepared and willing to pay you to cash in exchange for channelling your blog viewers to them,  meaning you don’t have to sell customers or spend time in developing your own item before you start making money blogging. But the catch is you must have a good amount of visitors every month to generate money from affiliate marketing.
3. Sell ads space:
When it comes to selling advertisement space and working with advertising networks pitching your blog site is not your only choice. If you wind up with sufficient traffic, advertisers may arrive at you immediately and invite you to position their ads on your page. You can also get in touch with advertisers. The greatest distinction from the above two is that there is no centre guy, so you can put your own ad prices.
4. Promote products or services:
This point is from a business perspective. If you are a company or have a small business with products or services you can offer those products or services via a blog. I know when you are running a business and you need to invest a lot of time on business and you might have a little time focusing on staff like blogging but trust me its worth it. When you are blogging about your industry niche it gives your business credibility and opens a gateway to promote your products and services and eventually generate more sales. But to do that you have to make sure that you promote the blogs to the audience who are interested in your products and services.
5. Freelancing:
Freelancing is another great way to make money by blogging. The demand for freelance content writers or bloggers are on the rise and you can earn a lot of money by doing it. First, you have to create a reputation that you are an experienced freelance blog writer and to able to do that you need to create a blog site of your own and make it engaging. The freelance economy is rising and blogging skills is one of the most demanded skills in the freelancing world and the chance of earning money by blogging pretty feasible when it comes to freelancing.
Earning money is not easy whether you want to do it by blogging or selling cupcakes. The key is to have patience and not giving up. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any queries please feel free to comment below.

How to start a blog for free in 2019 0

In recent years we have heard a lot about blogging and especially in 2019 the blogging trend just exploded. There are tons of bloggers out there but the number of good bloggers is very few. Most of the people mess things up while starting a blog. If you do not know how to start a blog this article will help you to start a blog for free in 2019.  

What is blog

Briefly, a blog is a sort of website that relies primarily on text content, also recognized as blog postings. We know most about blogs of media and celebrities, but you can begin a good blog with almost every subject imaginable. Bloggers often publish from a private point of view, which enables their viewers to communicate immediately. Moreover, the majority of websites have a section called comments where you can match the writer’s content and start a discussion. In the observations segment, it enables to further connect with the author through interaction with your viewer. One of the primary advantages of beginning a blog is this immediate link to the viewer. This link enables you to communicate with other like-minded individuals and communicate thoughts. You can also create credibility with your visitors. With your user’s faith and engagement, it will also open the gate to make your website profitable. We will discuss more how you can make money using a blog site. 

Why you need to start a blog 

One of the misunderstandings about beginning a blog site is that you must be an excellent author to succeed. People visit blog websites in order to have a private look at stuff, so most bloggers compose very informally and in a conversational way. In order to have a successful blog, you also don’t need to be a specialist on your subject. For example, readers of a cooking blog don’t want to learn the food scientist’s handbook. They want to know the stories of someone who baked genuine food and how they started. Apart from this, there are a few more reasons why you should consider starting a blog. 
1. Earn money:
When executed properly, blogging can be pretty profitable. The world’s leading bloggers clearly gain a lot, but even a part-time blogger can assume a good deal if stuff goes right. The best thing is that blogging is a kind of passive income because a blog articles take a few hours a week to complete and then you can create cash soon after it has been published on the website.
2. Build a community: 
Blogging is interactive in its core. A blog article is written and individuals start talking about it. This is a wonderful place to communicate with individuals who want to do as you are. Blogging provides you with the chance, depending on your knowledge, to educate these individuals and to hear from their point of view which help to create a great community.
3. Get recognized: 
No, because of your latest blog post, you probably won’t have people chasing you around. But in your sector, a good blog can earn you a ton of appreciation. Because of their blogs, many bloggers are regarded as specialists, and some have even got book and film deals depending on their blogs.

These are the main key reasons why you should consider starting a blog. Now the burning question is how you can start a blog site. Let’s dig deep into this now 

 How to start a blog

Starting a blog can be pretty overwhelming if you have limited knowledge on blogging then it can be a very hard thing to do. But don’t worry if you follow the steps mentioned below you can easily start a blog and the fun part you can do this for free.
1. Select a name:
A decent blog title should be meaningful so that prospective visitors can immediately tell from the name what your blog is all about. If you post about a particular subject, you certainly want to include it in your blog title in some manner. But don’t try to get hung up on just one phrase. A cooking blog, for instance, does not simply need to contain the term “cooking.” The terms ‘ food,” dishes,’ and’ snacks’ would also let individuals understand that cooking is about your blog. You will need to select a domain expansion once you have some blog title thoughts. The most favoured domain expansion is a .com domain, but it also works with.net or.org. It is also worth noting that you can not have gaps between phrases for the reasons for a blog domain. You can also have a free domain but then you have to select .wordpress.com orblogspot.com just name after your blog’s title. We will discuss more in the next part.
2. Create a blog site and host it:
It’s the moment to get your blog internet now that you’ve received a title selected out. This may look tough or technical, but if you follow the mentioned steps you can do it quite easily. I have a separate article you can create a blog site on WordPress and host it for free. So make sure you check that out.  
3. Customise your website:
Once you log in, you’ll be in the administrative region of WordPress. That’s where you can create any adjustments to your blog that you want. Everyone has a distinct concept about how they want to look at their blog. One of the great things about a blog on WordPress is that with just a few taps you can modify your whole layout and design. Blog layouts are recognized in WordPress as “themes.” Themes regulate all of your blog’s layout. You need to click on the “Appearance” button from the dashboard to alter your website’s theme.
4. Create contents:
Once you are happy with the layout of your blog it’s time to add some blog posts to it. When you are using WordPress you can easily create a blog post. I have a separate article which will help you to add a new blog post on WordPress. Make sure you check the article. 
5. Promote and earn money:
It’s just the beginning to create a well-designed blog and write excellent material. You’ll need to waste some time encouraging it to get viewers for your blog, particularly when you first begin. One of my favourite methods to get users to my blog is to publish the blogs on Facebook and Twitter. This is fantastic because not only do your colleagues see the contents, but it automatically multiplies your viewers. If you’ve produced high-quality material on your blog, social media is a wonderful tool to make your blog viral. Once you’ve made an attempt to create excellent blog posts and promote your blog, it’s truly simple to make cash from your blog. There are a number of aspects you can earn cash using blogging, from selling your own products or facilities to receiving paid writing offers. The most effective way is to sell space to place ads on your website. If you can create a popular website with a good amount of visitors, the advertisers will be running after you for placing their ads on your website. To unlock this feature you need to use Google Adsense.
I guess now it will be quite easy to start a blog even if you are a noob. If you still have any confusion about any steps make sure you leave a comment below.  

Guest blogging opportunities for beginners in 2019. 0

We are living in an era of digital marketing where content is everything. 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. Guest blogging is a marketing tactic which enables a business to gain more online visibility. If you are doing SEO for your website then guest blogging is one of the important things you should consider doing. As like social media, email marketing, guest blogging is also a marketing channel which helps to grow your business. You can be very confused when you start guest blogging. On this blog, I will try to explain how you can start guest blogging.

What Is Guest Blogging

There is no exact definition of guest blogging. If you put it simply its the process of submitting contents on websites other than yours. Confused !!! I was too when I first heard the term and I was like why on earth I want to place my content on someone else’s website? It sounds so insane but I was wrong. After learning how guest blogging works I wanted to start right away. There are many reasons why guest blogging should be on the top of your list as it has numerous benefits if you can execute it properly.

What Are The Types Of Guest Blogging

There are no hard and fast types of guest blogging but depending on the blogs most people write we can categorize it by 5 main types which are explained below:

1. Guides:
Readers value tips or guide which focus on solving the issue of the reader’s lives. The more comprehensive your post gets the better it gets for the reader. Do not miss any types of instructions, because that is insignificant to you. You must suppose that the viewer understands nothing of this issue and that each phase is accompanied by characterization and if necessary a picture.
2. Lists:
There are several kinds like checklists, wish list, brainstorming chart and these can be anything as there are so many different kinds of them. The idea is that everyone else can do it better, so don’t do it like ‘ 5 SEO Tips ‘ Instead, do extensive research and create a list of 100 tips.
3. Case studies:
These types of blogs come from a real life experience where you show how you solved a real life problem.
4. Reviews:
You may check an item or service, advise the people who are willing to buy. You may also contact the vendor of this item to reach more customers.
5. Infographics:
Infographic is not a post but can be incorporated throughout the post for better and fun reading.

Things To Keep In Mind When Starting Guest Blogging

When you are starting guest blogging you should keep in mind a few things which are an absolute must. I will not go into detail about these things but you need to make sure you post has the things listed below:
1. Your post needs to be creative.
2. Your post needs to be informative.
3. Your most must be creative.
4. Make sure you post something which is useful to readers.
5. Always use real examples.
6. Offer your advice.
7. Avoid commercials on your post.
8. Grammatically correct.

Benefits Of Guest Blogging

As I said earlier, there are several benefits of guest blogging some you didn’t even know about. That’s why I said it should be at the top of your priority list if you are a content marketer. Let’s look into some of the benefits of guest blogging:

1. More Traffic:
You can bring a whole fresh set of users on your page by posting in other blogs. If you would like to understand how many fresh visitors you can anticipate, look into the guest blog website’s monthly traffic and you can plan to publish posts.
2. Brand recognition:
Your brand will quickly become acknowledged and will have great notoriety if you do good work by composing high quality posts which offers excellent data and usually demonstrates your knowledge.
3. Increase sales:
It’s not rocket science that increases visitors will lead to better conversions. If your primary goal is to increase sales then you need to study about the audience you want to reach. You need to carefully select the platform where your target customers are.
4. Backlinks:
If bloggers accept guest posts it means that you’re also going to get backlinks. The only concern is what kind of links they will be. The policy of the blogger entirely depends on that. They each have various rules and you have to comply with them if you want to publish a guest post.
5.  Better SEO:
On the last point I discussed the backlinks and you if you are familiar with SEO then you know I am talking about  offsite SEO here. To reach the first page of Google you need to give all you got, you just can’t rely on only on page and technical SEO along as off page SEO which is sometimes known as link building or backlinks plays an important part in your overall SEO strategy.
Before starting guest blogging you need to address what you want to achieve. That will be your primary objective and secondary benefits like on ones I mentioned will follow.

How To Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

After you set your goals or decide on what you want to achieve by guest blogging then you should start looking for guest blogging opportunities. Guest blogging opportunities refers to the places or to be more accurate the websites where you will post your contents. The important thing to keep in mind is that you have to choose a website which is coherent with your target niche. Here are five steps which will help you to find guest blogging opportunities:
1. Look for sites:
The first thing you need to do is you find sites which are accepting guest blogging. Not all the sites accept guest posts but the sites which are accepting can be hard to find sometimes. You can take the help of google search which is, in my opinion, the best option to find guest blogging opportunities. You can also see prolific bloggers who does guest blogging and find out where they do it. You can also join different communities of bloggers to get the latest trends about guest blogging.
2. Research on the site you selected:
You should select a list of sites which accepts guest blogging and do the proper research on the sites you selected. When you are conducting research you should keep a few metrics in mind like:
  • Alexa rank.
  • The number of page views.
  • The number of unique visitors.
  • Publishers quality and reputation in the industry.
  • Social activities. 
3. Keep your eyes on your competitors:
Look for your competitors and where they are guest posting. This can open up a new opportunity for guest posting and you will have the advantage you now you can post better content than your competitors.
4. Pitch blog and get approved:
How you pitch your blog to the guest site can determine approval decision. You need to look into the sites post try to follow the same pattern. Usually, most of the guest blogging sites have its own rules and guidelines and you have to make sure you follow them to get approval.
5. Track the results:
Finally you after posting you measure the result. You need to look into the analytics to measure and compare the results and make a decision upon it.     

I believe now you have a basic idea about guest blogging. It may at first feel very complex and feel messy too. But you’ll get an idea of what readers and bloggers are most responsive to after writing and publishing your first few articles. Thus you will create a good reputation in the community of bloggers.  

Why business blogging is important for digital marketing 0

We are living in an era of digital marketing where content is everything. 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. Business blogging is a marketing tactic which enables a business to gain more online visibility. If you are doing SEO for your website blogging is the first thing you should consider doing. As like social media, email marketing blogging is also a marketing channel which helps to grow your business.

What is blogging

Several political blogs were born in the early 2000s this is how blogging appear in the first phases. Furthermore, blogs with manuals were published. Established institutions started to notice the significant difference between blogging and journalism. A blog is an online journal or an online information website showing the latest updates first in the chronological order. It is a platform for one author or even a group of authors to share views on any particular subject. The appearance of the blogs has evolved over time, with blogs now containing various items. However, most blogs have some fairly standard characteristics and composition. Some common features of blogs are:
  1. A header with the menu or bar for navigation.
  2. Highlighted main content portions.
  3. Social media buttons or CTA buttons.
  4. Footer with some relevant links.
It’s important to note that every day the blog grows! Therefore we have to look at the different factors behind rising to answer the question “what blogging is.” Blogs became mainstream during the early days as news organizations started to use them as tools to easily reach out and to form opinions. It has become a new data source. Here is some key point behind the rise of blogging:


  1. It’s a mainstream source of information
  2. Blogs keep customers up to date
  3. Blogs are a medium of customer interaction
  4. You can earn money by blogging
Companies have seen an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction blogging. Companies maintain customers and clients up to date with blogging. The more visitors to your blog, the more attention and confidence your brand will receive. Private and small niche bloggers have seen the ability to reach more potential customers on particular subjects. Visitors can comment and communicate with you or your brand via a blog that helps you to build a loyal base of followers. Were you aware that through blogging, you can earn money? When your blogs get enough attention and views there are some ways by which you can monetize your blog. By using blogs you can also offer service or sell products. If you are a digital marketer then you can definitely gain from blogging here are some benefits you will get why business blogging:

Benefits of blogs for digital marketing


What if I tell you by blogging you can increase your leads by 67 percent ? 13 times more positive ROI for your effort and 97 percent more links which direct back to your website. Would you adopt this approach?  Naturally, you’d do. Not to do that would be like throwing away money. So here are some benefits of blogs for Digital marketing.
1. Drive traffic to a website:
Every digital marketer wants more traffic on the website. Here are a few ways by which people land on your website:

– They may type your website name or URL into the browser, and land on your website. These are the people who are already your customer or someone you have under your radar. This doesn’t actually help to bring new traffic to your website.
– You can do email marketing by buying an email list which is the dumbest idea as this is expensive and to some extent illegal. You can just pray that the people will open your email and click through.
– You can get more traffic by paying for ads, PPC which is not illegal but it requires a lot of money but ROI is not that high.
So what can be an effective way of driving traffic? The correct answer would be Blogging, Social Media and Search engines. Answer this question? How many web pages your website has? It is 5, 10, 15 ? Not enough as there are over 4.62 billion webpages on the internet right now. How often you update these pages? Not often right blogging can help you to solve these issues and increase the web traffic on your website. It’s another indexed page added on your site every time you write a blog post. This gives you a new opportunity to appear in search engines and increase traffic on your website organically. I will discuss more of the advantages of blogging for your SEO a bit later, but your website must also be active and check in regularly to see which new contents are on the surface for the search engine.
2. Lead conversion:
Now let’s assume there are tons and tons of traffic on your website but what is the goal of this traffic? The main goal of this traffic is to generate more leads. Just as every blog post you publish is also another indexed page, every post represents a new chance to build new ideas. The way it works is really straightforward just give every post a lead generating call to action option. Topics like free or cheap ebooks, free white papers, free factsheets, free webinars or one month free trials often are at the heart of calls for action. In essence, any content or assets for which somebody would be prepared to share their information can be considered a call to action topics You’ll see a call to action button when you scroll down this blog post. In fact, 99,9 percent of blog posts have a call to action button. So that’s how you make your blog traffic into leads for your sales team.
3. Market leader:
Very well written posts show your business or brand as a leader in the industry. You market your expertise for your business, service or product by posting articles that resonate with your market and demonstrating your knowledge. If you are into retail business you can write blogs about the products you sell. What are the benefits of those products? The customers will see you as a valuable source for the products you use. Post well examined blogs on your service can build trust in the minds of your clients when you’re in B2B business. The more knowledge you have in your field, the more likely that your clients will have faith in you to deliver or what they need. In addition, your clients benefit from your learning you provide by blogs.
4. Future results:
Suppose you wrote a blog today and shared it in social media. You get 100 views and 10 leads today. Does it stop here? No, it doesn’t blogging stay on the internet and continuously will provide you with leads and views. Your blogs are ranked in the search engine and will continue to provide you with a view and lead for years. Unlike social media post blogs don’t just die out in days it stays there for years.   
5. Increased SEO:
Your blogs can increase your SEO rankings. In the search engine results page, posting new content still is a best way to beat your competitors. In your articles, use keywords. List keywords, hot topics and subcategories with which you want users to find your company. When writing your posts, use these words and associated expressions. Naturally, whether you actively look for them or not, your search keywords will naturally be enhanced by blogging regularly about your business, industry, product or customer life. You are likely to instantly lose trust in data you see if you ever find that on a website which you realize wasn’t updated in years. The company they represent might have been totally out of business or the site could provide information which has been completely reversed or modified since the last update. Blogs keep your website fresh and it is one of the main factor being google’s rankings. Blogs also enable the user to stay longer on your website.
6. Better customer relationships:
Blogs also provide an additional source to significantly increase your customer connection. By directly connecting them to your website, your customers are able to enjoy the convenience of learning about your company or product from their home. This helps your business to form a better relationship with your customers. Again I say build trust in the minds of your customers by providing with valuable pieces of information. In addition, reply to comments and communicate with your consumer, just like on your other social platforms. If they have any queries about a product or service, answer them specifically on your web site. A blog can usually be searched on your site for a while, unlike many social sites. Your responses on your website last longer than in a Facebook or Twitter reply. Your interactions will also be seen by other customers.  

Blogs are one of the core digital marketing strategies which you should implement in your over all marketing plan. If you are blogging that’s good if are not then its high time you start doing business blogging.