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How to find out which social media platform is better for your business 0

Social media is always a trending topic is the internet world. Half of the internet population is using at least one social media account and the number is always on the rise. Social media is always being used for different purposes whether it is for business purpose or political social media is considered as the main focal point. When you are starting a business most of the individuals go into a tailspin on choosing which social media platform is best for the business. On this article, I will try to answer this question which will help you to figure out which social media platform is for your business. 

Why social media platform is important for your business

We all know that advertising is the act of exchanging interest to consumers. Social media is a marketing tool or platform that helps brands create awareness and social credibility. Social networks include not only communicating with your clients, but also encouraging them to communicate with you. In reality, due to their interest in the product or service, 73.4 per cent of users would follow a brand. This explains why social media platforms are so vital for your business. There are actually a few reasons why you should consider investing your time and effort is social media. 
1. Awareness: You can substantially increase the platforms to distribute and syndicate your content by having social media platforms. It ensures that you have the opportunity not only to share but also shared by users. Even though you may not go viral, but it will definitely increase brand awareness. 
2. Cost-effective: Social media is free. So you can basically create a free account on most of the platforms. And,  you could also pay to promote one or two posts. Or you might even be running an ad. But there’s is forcefully doing it and it is not a must. That’s why social media is relevant. This enables you to pay as much or as little as you like. 
3. Increase sales: Advertising on social media relies heavily on word of mouth marketing. Ultimately, because of the need for social currency, you are sharing your company, content and experience, and having people to talk about you. You become a reliable suggestion to your friends when someone tags or mentions your company in a tweet. Plus, this way you are likely to be placed before performance leads. Growing your leads and referrals and potentially increase your sales around the globe.
The three points I mentioned is actually enough to convey the importance of social media. Every company or business want to create awareness in a cost-effective way which will lead to increased sales.  

Social media checklists 

Before we jump into choosing the best social media platform for your business you need to complete the below checklists first. Based on your answers you need to select the platform. So let’s start: 
1. B2B vs B2C:
You’re either B2B or B2C? Because things are changing so rapidly that’s why if people want to buy things, we’re not yet to the point out go to social media sites. There are variations such as shopping for local goods on the markets on Twitter, but a general rule of thumb is that people on social media are at the bottom of the selling funnel. What this means to you is that for the stage of the wrong customer, you may be aiming your advertising or social media strategy. The probability of them going all the way down the tube instead of heading to the next topic in their list. If you are a B2B business then your main objective will be to create awareness while on B2C your main objective will be generating sales. 
2. Audience:
This is one of the most important checklists. You need to figure out who are the people who need your product or service. You need to set a profile for the audiences and set demographic interest to do that you need to ask the following questions: 
  1. Where does your target audience live?
  2. What the age of the audience?
  3. What is the average income of your audience?
  4. What do they like or dislike?
  5. Which platform do they spend their most time on?
    3. Set goal: Goal setting is really important when you what to be successful whether its social media or your life you need to set some specific goals for your social media efforts. For example, do you want to just raise awareness ? or you want to increase sales. Be specific and plan your social media marketing efforts surrounding the goals you have set for yourself.

Which social media platform is better for your business 

As of 2019, we know about around 65+ active social media platforms but not all of the platforms are worth talking about. On this section, we will discuss the top 7 social media platform which you can promote your business.
1. Facebook:
With more than two billion people, Facebook is the world’s most popular social network. As a consequence, if they have access to the Internet, you can meet just about anyone on Facebook. Which means that nearly everybody has a Facebook account in your customer base. Facebook gives you the opportunity to transform your customer base into a group with such a broad appeal. Through creating a simple Facebook page, you can post behind-the-scenes views at your company, new deals on your products, and more. Creation takes just a few minutes, and once you post any videos, you can start reaching out to the people who follow you. For in-depth understanding make sure you read how to use Facebook for marketing.  
2. Twitter:
Twitter provides its followers with a steady stream of Online information and new content. Each month, it has millions of active people, and almost every company in the world has an account to track their clients. It might not have the same mass audience as Facebook but it is still one of the planet’s most popular networks. Twitter, however, renownedly restricts its consumers to 280 characters or fewer tweets. That means you need to be descriptive, fascinating, and insightful in one tweet, and that’s not easy. But people can love or retweet what you’ve written so you can appeal to a wider audience when you do it correctly. Essentially, it doesn’t get much better than Twitter if you want to broaden brand awareness.
3. Instagram:
With a majority of users under 25, Instagram is one of the young social networks out there. It makes it the perfect social network for youthful, trendy audiences advertising brands or companies. On Instagram, photographs and short videos with a small amount of text perform incredibly well and sync with your Facebook and Twitter profiles so that you can use the same images across multiple platforms. Instagram appears to have greater popularity in urban areas, meaning firms focused on clothing and new innovation would typically do well than firms concentrating on agriculture and homebuilding. While that’s not to say that if you’re not a young, trendy company you still can’t find success just that you’ll have to be a little more creative with the pictures you’re taking.
4. Linkedin: 
In regard to professionalism, LinkedIn can not beat any social network. It is a vibrant staff and business owners network that communicates and interacts on a professional level, making it much more organized than other social media platforms. As a result, consumers tend to respond to B2B content better than B2C content.Generally, this means companies doing business as clients will have more impact than firms selling directly to consumers. Decision-makers and influencers are all over LinkedIn and you can get another sale if you can get your brand and message to them.
5. Youtube:
Youtube is something of a challenge when we are talking about advertising because so many users use it. On YouTube, both comedy and music do well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your business. It’s the inverse, in fact. Reviews of goods, instructional videos, and related material perform incredibly well on YouTube, particularly if you want to educate your target market. Plus, once you’re making a video, the search results will begin to appear in Google and YouTube, and you can also promote it on other social accounts. You simply can not beat YouTube when you want the customers to learn something new. The best part is you can also earn money from youtube.
6. Pinterest:
Pinterest is a platform where visual art is posted so that others can see it. This can include anything from a jacket to an illustration that almost any company can find in this social network at least a portion of its niche. It is a great place to promote new visual content, particularly if you manage boards on a regular basis. Use a visual development guide to collect any figures or other useful, evergreen material that will keep getting pins and raise awareness of your product. This is particularly helpful if your company produces an item or provides a service specifically for women 85% of Pinterest’s user base is biologically female.
7. Snapchat:
Snapchat is popular with younger users, so if the business concentrates on people under the age of 30, they can thrive here. Established in 2011, it has about 180 million registered users who send their friends and fans snaps and quick photo or video messages. The secret is that these clips last only once. It is gone for good after you watch. But you can also add a story that lasts longer. Snap chat is not for web users, Snapchat is fully focused on their mobile app. Yet movies, cars, lifestyles and other companies reaching millions of users on snap chat. A good example of a Snapchat business account is Red Bull, which packs its energy drinks with photos and videos from these and other activities throughout the world.
Its time for you to decide which social media platform is best for your business. It depends entirely on the people whom you want to reach. But its always a good idea to have at least three to four social media channels to increase the credibility of the users.

Social Media Influencer Marketing: All you need to know 0

When you last got influenced by traditional marketing like print media or TV advertisement. I know the number is not that high. Social media influence marketing is an important part of the overall digital marketing strategy. To make it effective you need to work with the right influencer. On this blog, I will discuss how you can do Social Media Influence Marketing in 2019. 

What is an influencer marketing?

Influence marketing is the new form of celebrity endorsement and it more like collaboration. To put it simply influence marketing is the collaboration with an influential individual to promote a product, service or a campaign. But social media content creators with specific audiences can frequently provide more value for brands. These individuals have devoted and loyal social media fans. They are usually referred to as ‘ social media influencers. ‘

What is a social media influencer?

To put it simply, an influential individual is somebody that can influence someone else. An influencer in social media is somebody who has influence over social media. There can be different forms of influencers and you just can’t match to different influencers. The correct influence can achieve your target audience, create credibility and foster commitment. The social media influencers have millions of followers on different platforms and their post gets millions of views, likes, comments, and shares. A good social media influencer can take your business to the next level.

Benefits Of Social Influencer Marketing

With the pitfall of traditional marketing digital marketing is booming day by day and as I mentioned earlier influencer marketing should be a part of your overall digital marketing campaigns. There are several benefits of social influencer marketing let’s look into the top five:

1. Its pull not push:
If you belong from marketing background you must have heard about the push and pull strategy. With 40% of social media users using ad blockers it hard to push a product or service towards the customers. Social media influencer marketing is based upon the pull strategy where users actually pull the products and an influencer act as the middle man.
2. More credible than traditional marketing:
Successful individuals invest plenty of time winning their supporters trust. That certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Influencers generate a fascinating tale that draws its supporters. If supporters are truly active, they form a portion of a long term connection with their influencers. It instills allegiance and faith in their hearts when such an event occurs. They believe in the individuals they follow and they also have trust in their suggestions and recommendations.
3. Niche Targeting:
To sell their service or product, each brand has to get exposed to fresh audiences continuously. However, it is essential to understand who you’re trying to influence before you contact individuals with your goods or services. You should always attempt to lure and distribute your products to a target audience that is very interested in your offers. If you aim a niche public with particular demographics, you can improve your likelihood of effectively marketing it.
4. It’s all about value:
Why do you think influencers are being followed by millions of people world wide? Is it just an excuse to waste more time on social media or to browse more interesting contents? In fact, most of the individuals primarily follow an influencer because they feel that some significance or values can be collected from them.
5. It’s not costly:
While social marketing is really efficient, it remains a relatively cheap marketing technique. However, most business does not know about the costs associated with social media influencers marketing that’s why they does not include it in their overall marketing strategy.

How find a social media influencer for your brand?

This part is really interesting as on Instagram alone, there are over 500,000 effective influencers. This implies that you have a lot of prospective possibilities for influence. It also implies that you must do the job of finding the correct influence. So let’s find out how you can find the right influencer for your brand:

1. Set clear objectives:
I said it many times that failing to plan is planning to fail. Before you even start thinking about social media influencer marketing you need to ask yourself a few questions:
1. Is it worth it for your brand?
2. Which social media platform most of my potential target customers spend time on?
3. What do I want to achieve from the influencer? (E.g Sales, reach)
After you sorted out these questions then you should proceed to the next stage.
2. Understand your target market:
You can lunch promotion for everyone. You have to talk to the correct individuals with the correct instruments to achieve an efficient approach. The first stage is to determine who will be your target market in this particular promotion. Developing a specific target market is an excellent route to get you to know who you are attempting to achieve. Once that has been accomplished, generate a corresponding group of influential people. This will assist you to know the characteristics that your influencers are searching for.
3. Research:
After you select a target market and platform with list of influencers it time research on those particular influencers. A thing to remember that your brand reputation is at stake now one wrong move can cause havoc for your business. So dig deep and narrow down the list of influencers as much as you can.
4. Must be relatable:
After you narrow down the list it’s time to relate the influencer with your brand. Look the post the influencer share in the past is it related to your brand? Does the influencer personality go with your brand personality? If these two related you are good to go.
5. Go personal:
A direct text is a good starting point. If you spot any an email use it too. Don’t just submit a standard DM or mass email. It may require a little more time for each influencer to send a private email. But it will demonstrate that you take a prospective relationship seriously. This will improve your likelihood of reaching an agreement.  

Few facts to keep in mind

Interest for marketing influencers has just increased and a lot of research has been conducted which generated some interesting statistics. So let’s have a look at some of the most striking findings of social media influencer marketing: 
  1. Teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities.
  2. Women use social media for advice on buying new things.
  3. More customers are getting depended on influencer’s recommendations.
  4. ROI of influencer marketing is $6.5 per dollar spent.
  5. Influencer Marketing is considered as the most fast growing online customer acquisition method.

Top 5 social media influencers in 2019

The list of top social media influencer list is not one decisive one as it is always changing. According to GGtaskers here are the top 5 social media influencers in 2019.
Felix Kjellberg better is known as PEWDIEPIE is at our top social media influencers list with followers over 100 million and highest followed youtube of all time. There is nothing more to say about this guy just subscribe to PEWDIEPIE.
Whindersson Nunes is a star in actors, comedians, and social media. The Brazilian influencer began his online work when he was 15 years old and has grown in size almost one-fourth in his homeland since then.
Logan Paul began his social media influencer life in Vine and became a YouTube later in 2015. Paul is different in his comparatively uniform diversification across social media sites, which keeps equal large numbers of fans across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
Dude Perfect is kind of a sports company which was started by five friends. All of them were former high school basketball players. The group rose to fame soon after publishing its first viral basketball trick shot video on YouTube back in 2009.
Ruben Gunderson is one of the most renowned Spanish influencers who founded elrubiusOMG in 2011. Most of his clips on YouTube are game players, though he sometimes posts vlogs.
Social media influence marketing is one of the most growing trends in 2019 and it is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. If you have any specific questions about social media influence marketing then don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Social Media Marketing Tips 2019 0

There are around 7 billion people on the world and about 4 billion people have access to the internet and of the 4 billion 3.2 billion people are daily active social media user. These are some shocking facts right? Social media is the most cost-effective way to reach your customers and if you are not using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote your business then you are missing out on something truly amazing. On this blog, I will share some tips about social media marketing which will work in 2019.

What is social media marketing

Social media marketing or sometimes referred to as SMM is a type of digital marketing which involves creating and sharing content on different social media platforms to achieve business, marketing, and branding objectives. Social media marketing activities include sharing texts, images, videos, offers, updates about the business or the brand. Nowadays has become a great method for paid advertising to drive engagement and sales.
But why you should spend time creating social media accounts? Is it really that much important? How can you actually use social media which create a positive impact on your business or brand? I will try to answer these questions which will help you to build an effective social media strategy and some tips which will work in 2019.

Benefits of social media marketing

If you try to count the benefits of social media marketing you will run out of fingers. There are different reasons to start social media marketing. Here are the top five reasons to start social media marketing today.
1. Spread brand awareness
As I said there were around 3.2 billion active social media users globally. Due to this huge amount of people on social media you can clearly see why it can increase your brand awareness and take your business to the next level. Social media is a proven method of boosting your brand awareness by engagements which include likes, comments, share, repost and so on. It is also a great way of driving traffic to your website.
2. Generate Leads
Promotion and sharing of your goods on social media is a reasonable way of enhancing the generation of leads, stimulating conversions and increasing sales because you can reach people who chose to engage in your business.
3. Boost conversion rate
On your social media accounts, you can enable the shop section of Facebook or the shopping feature of Instagram. These functionalities allow customers to view information such as sale price, material, and size of goods. Visitors can then easily check out the platforms and purchase the product from you directly.
4. Build strong customer relationships
You can actually build long – term relationships between them and your business by communicating and interacting with your social media followers. You can do this by communicating with them in your posts, answering and giving them all the help they might require. You can also start asking questions to your supporters about your brands, their problems or create donations to help you build confidence and to reveal them how valuable their input and support is.
5. Keep eyes on competitors:
Social media are a fantastic way to keep track of your rivals whether it is their social media strategies, the products they promote, their advertising campaigns or their level of engagement with the supporters. Social media enables you to see what does and does not work for your global competition and thus helps you to determine what your company’s approach ought to change. Finally, you can check your competitor’s social media accounts to ensure that your marketing is distinctive to your brand.

How to create a social media strategy

1. Learn about your audience:
The very first step in developing a strategy for social media marketing is determining who are your customers and potential customers are so that they can properly target their needs and interests. Think about all the people you are attempting to reach and why and how they are to be classified as a group. When you recognize your buyer and your audience, you can then assess the content that will attract supporters and customers and how to create fascinating content for your followers.
2. Carefully chose social media sites:
It is important that you, as a social media marketer, decide on which sites to share your content. When it comes to the social media channels your business has to use, there is no need for a correct or wrong answer this concerns the wants or needs of your target market and where they usually spend time. Here some popular social media sites to choose from:
– Facebook: There is around 200+ social media platform out there on the internet right now and its fare enough to say Facebook is the most popular one right now. More than 2.32 billion active monthly users worldwide are active as of 31 December 2018. 1.15 billion users are active from mobile devices. Around 1.52 billion users log into Facebook at least once a day. 42% of marketers say that Facebook is the most critical part of their marketing activities. Average Facebook users spend around 20 mins on Facebook daily. Facebook has more than 80 million medium and small sized business pages. 78% of American customers said they found about a retail product which you bought was found on Facebook. These are some quite overwhelming facts, is not it? These facts are a clear indication that if you want to start social media marketing then Facebook is a must pick from all social media sites. Here is how you can start marketing on Facebook.
– Twitter: Here are some amazing twitter facts which will amaze you. The journey of Twitter started on March 21st, 2006 but it was never built to serve as a social media site. Here are some Twitter facts:
1. 330 million active users
2. 100 million daily active users
3. 140 million tweets published daily
4. 460000 new accounts are being created every day
5. 6th largest social media platform.
Here you can learn more about how to use Twitter for your business.
-LinkedIn: With over 590+ million registered users and 260+ active each day LinkedIn is the number one B2B marketing channel. As a matter of fact, 2.74% more leads are generated from linkedIn. LinkedIn works as a social media platform at its heart. This is all about professional development, professional connections, discussions about the industry and other business activities. LinkedIn has direct access to customers and it’s fairly easy to communicate with the customers share updates but it is not like other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
-Instagram: The popularity of Instagram is increasing day by day with 1 billion user every and 500 million people are active each day. If your product is targeted toward the young people then Instagram is a perfect platform for you to start social media marketing as 71% users are under the age of 71%.
Youtube: On every minute, more than 100 hours of videos are being uploaded on youtube. With over 1.9 billion registered users youtube is one of the biggest and most popular social media sites. With youtube, you can navigate 75% different languages which cover more than 95% of the internet populations on earth. So if your target market is diversified than youtube is your best friend.
3. Create high-quality content:
I Have used content marketing even in my current company where I am working right now and in the past year it helped us to grow more than a thousand percent. Potential customers find our content and are convinced that they would like to work with us. We have nothing to do with high-pressure sales tactics, it’s simply a matter of providing value to the customers using high-quality contents.
4. Consistent posts:
Now you may wonder just how often your social media platforms must post your content. As a rule, if you have high-quality content to share, you should only then publish in social. In other words, there is a reason why the content is posted. So, when it comes to your posting frequency, you’ll find the right balance. You are bound to be entirely forgotten by your followers if you post too rarely. If you post too often, your followers will probably get annoyed. Both situations may result in a loss of followers and a decrease in commitment. You need to find an optimal number of the post which suits the needs of your audiences.
5. Analyze your results:
One of the most crucial aspects of social media marketing is to help you achieve your objectives. In order to determine that, all posts, on each channel, need to be tracked. By examining and managing your social media metrics, you can do this. The metrics are given below:
  1. Engagement
  2. Reach
  4. Impressions
  5. Video views
    Though the matrix actually differs from platforms to platforms.
This blog is just a basic of social media marketing and how you can start doing your social media marketing. You should always keep your eyes open for the latest trends of social media to stay updated.